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Full Version: Awakened Plants
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The new critter book is pretty cool, but one of the things I've noticed is a lack of awakened plants. We have paracritters galore, but I really miss the plant life being a threat as well. What do you think?
There should definately be mor. Write some up and watch for me to put out a call for submissions for the upcoming Dumpshock Magazine smile.gif
I don't have my copy of Harlequin at work but wasn't there an Awakened plant guarding the Orchid?

/loves awakened creatures
//thinks Shadowrun could use more of them.
/// loves GENE modified awakened critters even MOAR

I once wrote a mini-adventure (very mini) featuring an awakened plant called the Deep Delilah (Dionea Muscipula Audreus Secundus). I never fully wrote it up, but it is here: Operation Drop Bears.

Note that it was written before Running Wild was released. Now that it has been, it would almost be worth re-writing this.
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