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I am trying to explain Astral to a new player of mine. He is a roleplayer but new to SR. Something came up over the weekend and I thought I knew the answer but thinking back now I am not so sure. If a player perceives they just kinda switch senses but they can't go anywhere in Astral unless the physically walk correct? Now if they project then they are free to move away form there body. Now when they are in the Astral can they hear people talking? The player projected to check out a building and I told him he noticed several people in a backroom but he could not understand what they were saying. Was this correct? Would he just get emotional content or would he be able to hear?

p. 114 Street Magic

"It is also possible to eavesdrop
on the noises, communications, and even smells of the physical
world from the astral plane, but just like reading a physical
book, the assensing character will perceive the emotional tone
and impressions rather than the physical sensation."

Manifesting won't make much difference to this, in that a PC will still need an Assensing Test.
Ok I did read that and was sure that meant while they could not hear words but more emotions rereading it would indicate that to understand it I would need an Assesing test.
Overall you got the gist. In SR3, it specifically says you can hear and understand what people are saying, not just the emotional content. IMO, with the text quoted, it's up to GM's interpretation.
Thanks for the replys.

I have played since 1st ed and I think they all kinda run together in my head sometimes. SO I think I will play it you can hear and understand but to get the correct emotion out of the conversation you would need to score on an assensing test.

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