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Hi folks, new to the forum just found this place. Getting back into SR after not playing for a long time (since 2nd edition), and just finished reading the SR4 rulebook.

Something I haven't been able to find - is there a limit to how many free actions you get per turn? per pass? Or are they unlimited?

A character can take one Free Action during each Initiative Pass in which she has an action. This Free Action can only be taken on the character's Action Phase or at any other point later in that Initiative Phase.
One thing I've allowed my players to do is downgrade actions for others. In other words, if a player wants to, they can use a simple action during their action phase in order to perform a free action. Certain things however I don't allow though, such as using more than one run action in a pass. But using a free action to eject a smartgun clip, then downgrading a simple action to use a free action to run would be a good example of what a player should be able to do.
I agree with the above poster. This allows logical things to happen that shouldn't be barred by the rules. Otherwise, really weird things happen...
I also allow players to downgrade an action. It just seems silly to me that someone who has the time left to fire off a shot wouldn't be able to drop an object or go prone, so on, so forth.
I thought it was RAW that you could do that. Let me find my PDF...

QUOTE ("SR4A p.147")
(under Simple Actions)
During his Action Phase, a character may take up to two Simple Actions or one Complex Action. An extra Free Action may be taken in place of a Simple Action (so the character would get two Free Actions and one Simple Action, or three Free Actions, instead of one Free and two Simple Actions).

And there you have it.
Apparently I forgot about that part. Or didn't read it.

Lucky me I was doing it right anyway. Yay for unintentional RAW!
Heh, I remember reading that too very recently and somehow skimmed right over that last bit.
some things with free actions can be dumb though

for instance waving to someone and saying hi is two free actions

when waving takes just as much time

and saying hi takes just as much time

some free actions should be stackable but clearly there should be a limit
Ok, thanks. Missed that bit in the rules. Pretty much how I planned on doing things, but couldn't find it.

What's RAW? I get it from the context, but what does it stand for?

QUOTE (jgalak @ Aug 27 2009, 08:42 AM) *
What's RAW? I get it from the context, but what does it stand for?

Rules As Written
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