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Full Version: Magic rating in karmagen
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Ok guys, this should be such a simple problem, but it pisses me off that I don't know the answer. Let's say I want to make a dwarf mage with Magic 4, cerebral boosters 3 (let's pretend I have Restricted Quality for them) and a full cyberarm. He has 4 Essence, so 3 Magic is doable, but how much does it cost? I know in BPgen it would cost 40 (raise it up to 5, cut it down to 3), but how much does it cost in karmagen? Because in karmagen, it's pretty important what his Magic score was when he got the implants. If he Awakened (Magic 1, free), improved his Magic once (Magic 2, 10 karma spent), got the cyberarm (back to Magic 1), raised Magic again (Magic 2, 20 karma spent), got the boosters (Magic 1 again) and raised it straight to 3, that would be 10+10+10+15. But if the rules are draconian about it, the rule might be that I have to raise it to 5 (70 karma) and then knock it down to 3. Is there any rule for this?
i would assume you have to buy it up to 5, then get it dropped to 3, personally.
i would assume its done in the same manner as it would in bp.

get it to five then cut it to 3.

edit:got ninja'd
That's always been my interpretation. Bio-Adepts are powerful enough without making them massively cheaper.
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