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Full Version: Ghouls in melee
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Alright with ghouls being blind they recieve a +6 to tn's for all actions in melee, is that modified in anyway by their superior sense of hearing or smell or do they just need lots and lots of friends in melee with them to be worth much? After reading critters i'm unsure of the answer so your opinions please. vegm.gif
actually since they are dual natured I would think that they can see living beings (i.e. runners) just fine in melee.
A) NPC-Ghouls suffer from "reduced senses (blind or near so)". In terms of game mechanics that means Int/2 dice for visual perception tests but combat is more or less unaffected.

B) Ghouls are in general dual natured and can thus operate within the physical world while astrally perceiving without the usual modifier of +2.

C) Astral visibility modifiers might apply, but are divided by 2 (round down) in melee (except for total darkness ... but that doesn't exist on the astral)

=> Ghouls can perfectly well engage into melee combat.
Against a living target, a ghoul fights with no visibility modifiers (even in complete darkness) as he assenses the living target's location just fine.

If you run your ghouls as completely blind on the physical plane, then against a drone or other non-living device he'll have a very hard time assensing its location. If you run them with "reduced senses", they see normal visibility modifiers for melee, but get fewer dice for perception tests, as Cochise describes above.
If the ghoul sees the drone, he should be able to fight it without penalty. The perception test to find it in the first place is modified by +2 for "searching for mundane object", as per the astral visibility table.
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Non-living objects are astrally visible. A ghoul can see a drone just fine, if the drone doesn't beat it at a stealth test.
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