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I'm writing a newbie FAQ, and putting together the corp section of it, and I'm wondering if there's a book with all the info about the AAAs?

Basic info like CEO, HQ location, primary productions, et cetera would be great. I don't have Corporate Download, and I have a real heavy feeling that's where it is...anyway. If anyone knows of maybe an online resource or something, that'd be awesome. Thanks in advance!
Corporate Download is the book you're looking for.
you can check out for info on books. corperate download is THE book for this topic, though i would suggest looking through the main rule book and if possible a few published adventures for other views on the big 10
You could probably dig through a ton of other material and find some of the info, but it'd be a pain and quite incomplete. Getting ahold of a copy of Corporate Download is definately the only way to get all of the info as far as I know anyways.

Although, Man and Machine, Cannon Companion, Rigger 3 and Matrix all have sections describing which corps are the leaders in various fields, which I think is a bit supplementary to Corporate Download and may be worth looking at.
Corporate Download, hands down.

Also, you might want to check here, under the "Megacorps" header.
Found a buttload at BKK. Thanks all, think I'll pick up the book tonight.
QUOTE (Connor)
Corporate Download is the book you're looking for.

is that just an update of Shadowfiles, or does it encomass CorpSec as well?
Corporate Download is slightly different from Corporate Shadowfiles. While the latter concentrates on corporate politics and economics doing the larger picture the former focuses on the situation of the Big Ten after the Corp War and the fall of Fuchi (including the three new kids on the block Cross, Wuxing and Novatech). It goes into detail into their operation, the players behind each and how they interact with the shadows rather than into how they make money and how the stockmarket works. The two books work well together but Corp Download has the dirt on specific corps and the people behind them which makes it easier to use.

For updated and new Corp Sec material take a look at SOTA63, which revises a lot of the stuff in previous books and introduces some SOTA ideas.
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