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Full Version: Looking For A Kind-Hearted Artist
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So tonight was a certain player's first time playing Shadowrun. Her entire gaming experience before that was three or four sessions of Star Wars SAGA last year. She played it out like a champ, and contributed to some of the best moments of the night.

I want to reward her, but am completely, totally broke. I have no money on me, no money in my checking account, and will only be working a quarter of the time I thought I would be next month. So I come to you, Dumpshock, asking for this:

If there is any artist on here who enjoys drawing vehicles, I would be eternally indebted if you could depict this player's character's ride. It's a Horizon Doble Revolution (pictured in Arsenal, but I forget which page and am AFB) with retractable walker legs, a blimp dirigible on top, and a sidecar. The character is a female elf wearing riot control armor, including the helmet for the purposes of riding, but it's that Miyazaki-esque vehicle that I'd really love to give her an image of.

Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart. smile.gif
I'm no artist and make no pretensions toward it, but I am always ready with a book reference: the picture of the (unmodified) vehicle in question is on Arsenal p. 108, third vehicle from the left.

I hope that this pans out for you, and I'd be interested in seeing the resulting image as well... sounds crazy =)
I'll see what I can do, it might be fun (yet quite challenging). I'm not a professional artist, though and I do photo manipulation not drawing (you can see it in my sig.).
Ok, I tried to do a rough preview, just to make sure I got the idea right.
Here it is. I'm having problem with the blimp part though, I mean, something like this doesn't look right at all.

Is it something like that you're looking for?
It's definitely starting to look like a crazy Miyazaki-style contraption as he described, that's for sure.
That's... pretty good, actually. I had pictured it with four legs, but the chicken thing is growing on me. smile.gif
That thing reminds me entirely too much of an AT-ST walker... But a chicken or secretary bird would fit too.
hi hi

My computer with photoshop is busted, so I cant do much with this before it locks up from overheating or something like that. Here's a sketch though:
vehicle thing
Ice... that's... awesome. You should be proud of yourself and feel good.

That's exactly what I'd have pictured based on the OP's description of it, and it almost makes me want one o.0
Thats very impressive IceKatze. Nice work. Do you have some training in technical drawing?
hi hi

You are too kind. smile.gif

(Method: I have some training in just about every kind of drawing.)
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