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Full Version: Flaw Idea
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Luke Hardison
I'm working on a character that I might get to play in the next two years <sigh GMing>, and an interesting idea hit me this morning.
I'm adding in edges and flaws related to his past, one aspect of which is that he spent 8 years in the CASMC, 5 of them as a Ferret. I was reading through options and saw spirit bane, and I thought it would be a cool idea, considering that the primary OPFor from CAS missions use a lot of magic (Azzies and NAN, right?). It's all secret, but I imagine that's what the Ferts hit the most. But then I hit a block ... what spirits should I have bane to me? Blood spirits would be a bit of a cop-out, even if the azzies are using them. Sea spirits, since most operations are on or close to the coast? Maybe a forest spirit ... probably anything but a city spirit could be made to fit, but I wanted some opinions.

What makes a good bane spirit for a former Ferret?
Golden Eagles eat ferrets. I don't know if that helps.
but ferrets don't get sucked into jet engines
QUOTE (sidartha)
but ferrets don't get sucked into jet engines


Too true.

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