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GM Lich
Hello I am a new GM to Shadowrun. Currently I just ran my 1st run using this. The run consited of two mages a support mage and a offensive mage. The support mage was a player who had played shadowrun before while the offensive mage was a newbie. The game went great and and we got 2 new players who will join us next week wobble.gif.

Now I'm brainstorming to be Mr. Original here as I looked through the book augmentation I read about cyberzombies, suddenly an Idea gets flowing into my head. Corp <Insert name here> decides to get into whole cyber zombie business. (lets just pretend the break throughs on cyberzombies has not been touched by the corps yet) I mean, think about it awesome soliders, with the only need to kill and give a cocktail of drugs with some magics sprinkled. The corp thinks its a good idea however this is a prototype, they are unsure what territory they are getting into. The runners are hired by a Mr. Johnson (Group? IDK radicals/secretive mages/cyberware specialists/rival corp trying to figure out group that hires them). Security is medium due to some budget cuts and the sheer amount of money they are spending on this project. They have just spent there time on this project now are awaiting awakening. They are hoping for results quick, or they get their funds cut. The runners are breakin in and extracts the zombie little do they know what it is or what it does. It will wake up in aprox. 2 hours in most likely a rampage. I'm thinkin of the general Frankenstein's monster waking up, no idea what the hell is going on.

Do you think anyone can help me stat this out. I want a stated out cyberzombie able to equal fighting force to 4 runners. I want the runners to fight this thing smartly not stupidly. I will most likely tone down astral hazing. I just need some ideas shaping out and finalizing this brainstorm idea. (I posted this late at night so excuse my errors)
Personally if you want the Runners to have to "fight smart" I wouldn't touch the Hazing Aspect at all, that is one of the key features of using cyberzombies instead of the far scarier jarheads.
Okay, this is how you build a CZ :

-Select a base metatype (troll if you want to kick some serious butt).

-Don't bother with physical stats except for Reaction, you'll want full cyberlimb replacement anyway.
Assign appropriate mental stats and Edge; keep in mind that high Intuition and Willpower are important for the monthly Sanity tests- corporations will most likely do psychological screenings to select particularly resilient individuals for the procedure.

-Give the CZ a good selection of skills, the subject will most likely have been an elite soldier.
If he or she lacks some skills, don't worry-Skillwires can fill in the gaps.
The CZ should be able to use a wide array of weapons, especially all built-in cyberweapons.
Your scenario will also require that the CZ is able to wield a picked-up weapon efficiently.

-Decide how much you want to go beyond 0 Essence- this is important as it both covers the area of Astral Hazing and the increase to the natural Attribute Maximums. The lower the Essence drops, the stronger the CZ becomes- at the price of becoming more and more insane.
But you want to go for insane if i'm not mistaken. Probably you may want to include the option that the CZ came back wrong and is now in a state of mind roughly comparable to someone ressurected at the Pet Cemetary.
Take a look at the suggested negative Qualities; you may want to pick one or two that serve as weaknesses the players can exploit.
Moreover, CZ aren't nearly as much fun if the aren't complete nutjobs.

-The hardest part is comming up with all the implants, as you can stuff completely insane amounts of 'ware into a CZ if you go for full deltaware and also include Adapsin treatment.
Start with a Lvl3 Move By Wire, Genetic Optimization for all attributes and full cyberlimb replacement.
Customize all limbs to the natural Maximum, add Bulk Increase Lvl4.
Optimized cyberlimbs may also be interesting, especially the Evo Kali option for an arm with a Cyberspur (remember, your CZ needs a weapon when waking up).
For the legs, go for Raptor Legs instead.
Augment Agility further.
Max out Strenght at least in the arm with the spur.
Fit in a Nanohive Rating6 somewhere.
Throw in Cyberlimb Armor wherever you have enough room left.
And don't forget a couple of Auto-Injectors.

-take Augmentation, write down every implant you find interesting (keep in mind that full body replacement is incompatible with a lot of implants, though).
Make sure to include :
Cyberware : an Invoked Memory Stimulator (has to beincluded for every CZ), tricked-out eyes (probably an eyeband instead) and ears, an Olfactory Booster, Attention Coprocessor, a Radar Sensor, Ultrasound, Blood Circuit Control System and Reaction Enhancement at max level.
You may want to throw in a Balance Tail, Gastric Neurostimulator and Skillwire Expert System as well.
Bioware : Trauma Damper, Synthacardium, Nephritic Screen, Reception Enhancer, Thermosense Organ and probably a Chemical Gland as yet another form of implanted weaponry.
Include the following geneware : Daredrenaline, Qualia, Synch, React, NeoEPO (by now, you may have arrived at an absurd dicepool for Gymnastic Dodge).

-If you still have too much Essence left, include some 'ware enhancing healing, Logic- and Charisma-linked tests.

Congratulations, you have created a monster.
Make sure to post here if the CZ wipes out the entire team.
Dakka Dakka
Nice suggestion, if you want to go TPK on your players. With 3 new characters and at least one newbie player, I' rather go for something simpler. Cyberzombies, Insect Spirits and Shedim are the top bogeymen in Shadowrun.

One against four works even worse than in D&D. Either all four cannot damage the cyberzombie and it can pick them off one at a time or they can simply overwhelm it. ending the fight probably by the first or second IP.

If you want tough but survivable opposition set the runners against a rival team of runners. Similar strengths and weaknesses are a lot more difficult to overcome.

Maybe start with a run for a small firm that wants to get a piece of the cyberzombie pie. Let the runners steal some research/instructions/needed cyberware. Show them on tape what an uncontrolled cyberzombie can do to a team of Red Samurai or other HTR team. Next let them do some milk runs or other unrelated assignments. When the players as well as the characters aren't that green anymore, send them against a cyberzombie, possibly from the same corp from whom they stole research in the beginning.
GM Lich
I would like to thank you the feed back. I am new to GMing to the shadowrun system, so as a gm I have no scale of difficulty levels yet so I'm still figuring out how the whole system works.This is what I am thinking: Shadowrunners do mission they go there way to the the point where the target is said to be found and extracted. When they do they encounter a team employed by another Johnson who happened to take anthor entrance. Both teams think that the other team has the Cyberzombie (To make it hard to commicate lets just make them speak another language) They fight hoping to extract the info where the target really is. Little do they know that the cyberzombie is wandering the place half awake. In the battle of the battle, the zombie wanders in, goes rage on their arses, kills the npc runners and almost them. (maybe one if they are stupid enough) The runners instead of getting usual payment get paid hush money by the Johnson to forget about it and continue on with there jobs. The cyberzombie is recaptured however the corp blames the runners for this incident, and want revenge when they see an opportunity. Hows that?

also thank you Rasumichan for the instructions.
You're welcome.
Of course, there's countless possible ways to augment a cyberzombie (and many may lead to results much less lethal to a group, like cyberscientists), but if you want to get really low Essence while still using delta ware, you almost have to include extensive cyberlimbs and other Essence hogs such as MBW systems.

Now that i think about it- your scenario would be a perfect match for prototype-style cyberzombies who use a lot of standard grade or even used cyber- and bioware.
Cybermancy is still a research field and if you want to perfect techniques for CZ with Essence below -4, it would be prohibitively expensive to do so with delta 'ware only.
The results will be much less lethal, you could even include multiple CZs with ease (especially interesting if the team has to retrieve a specific one, but has an unclear description because the Johnson only expected one CZ to be present).
The subjects in this case would be less like supersoldiers and more like unfortunate guinea pigs.
Some could be the failed results of other experiments (which could be build by various types of geneware and SURGE Qualities).

One word of advice, though : many players will find it annoying if a run is set up for automatic failure of the team.
I'd keep the possibility that they handle the mission succesfully even if it does not go according to plan.
Failure should be an option, not the desired outcome.
GM Lich
I actually am doing standard grade. Right now I'm seeing if standard and some bioware would work out with starting character stats, somehow I doubt it but we will see. I think I might make it so that the zombie will be capable of being captured, they merely need the right equipment (jammers most likely) or a good hacker, so some other crazy way that no doubt the PCs will think of.
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