So I'm working on an arc for a campaign at the moment and, despite being at work, I'm bouncing around various search engines looking for Urban Combat Brawl rules, information and such (I'm looking to see if Adepts are legal in Brawl, and if/when that was ruled on). During the course of my search I come upon the Wikia Gaming Shadowrun wiki, and I decide to pop a few searches into it. There's no page for just Urban Brawl, but there is a page for this guy:

Jared 'Blitz' Kreig

This struck me as odd, because Blitz was a character of mine for a game run by Large Mike back in the day (oh my various Gods I can't believe I just said back in the day), and probably the best character I have ever played, or at least my most memorable. The opening was actually from the last post I wrote for him, after he'd been gutted with a shotgun and hand fed a grenade. Now I'm a little fuzzy here, it might be that it was put up during the game for archival reasons, but still it's disconcerting I didn't know it was there. Anyone know how this might have ended up there that can help refresh my addled brain?