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If you have read any of my ther posts it may be obvious that I'm new to the game. A friend and I are co-GMing a shadowrun campaign so that we can both play. Since I am a compulsive Ebayer I've already started buying several books including adventure modules.

In one auction I won I picked up Super Tuesday and although I have only read through the first run I like what I've seen. So I would like to know how the mods connect together in a timeline
(example: Super tuesday -> Blood in the BR -> survival of the fittest)

I appriciate how helpful the boards have been so far (and I will stop asking so many questions soon, promise)
Questions are what the boards are for. smile.gif

You actually have the order correct. You can usually tell by looking at the publishing date, as most Shadowrun products have been released in the order the events occured in the game world. And of course, most of the books have dates in the Sixth World listed inside the book.
Might I suggest Harliquin and Harliquin's Back. they occor after Blood but before Survival. both are very cool
Harlequin is set in the early '50s, before the Shadowland document about Tir Tairngire (a.k.a. TT sourcebook) was released. Harlequin's Back happens before Super Tuesday.

Of course, you can also run them whenever you want, they are some of the best published adventures out there.
Other than Super Tuesday, I also have Ivy & Chrome, Queen Euro, Harliquin's back, Year of the comet, and wake of the comet. THe original Harliquin has evaded me so far, and my FLGS has a copy of SotF but it is so very very water damaged I can't justify paying more than 7 bucks for it. I also picked up mercurial in concet today but I will let the other ST run that one.

So other than the dead president trilogy, clown boy crusade, and the falling comet books do the others fit in any where special?

(other books I'm aware of but don't have: Bottled Demon, BrainScan, Celtic Doublecross, corporate punishment, Cyberpirates, Dreamchipper, Divided Assets, Imago, mob war, predator & prey, Renku Archology, and Total Eclipse.)
Gurth's site, via the Internet Archive since his one seems to be on the fritz, has all the different dates for the sourcebooks up to Target: Smugglers Havens. Muy nifty. smile.gif
*deleted because he's tired and posted something off-topic that he mistook for something on-topic*
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