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Full Version: Things that seem missing from SR4(A)...
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Just thinking aloud here.

SR4(A) is a really good system.

But still, some things, I'm noticing over in the thread where I'm trying to start a game are missing.

Some of these are persnickety. Maybe they've commonly been solved already. None are showstoppers.

But that said, they just...feel like they could be useful.

First up, mass-combat rules.

SR, as it stands, basically gets slower the more entities you add to a combat. Past about 8-10 entities (entities being (meta)humans, critters, ships, aircraft, etc...Basically, individual combat units), it becomes impossible.

Always, so far as I know, been that way. Normally, with a straight shadowrunning campaign, that's not so big an issue.

But for a cyberpirates or merc campaign? Then, to my eyes, it becomes more of a noticable lack.

I'm not saying a way to deal with battalion-scale combat...But to deal with platoon or company-level combat (in ground terms) would be nice.

Is there a way to convert vehicles from R3R to SR4? It'd be helpful for a cyberpirates campaign.


Finally, is there a way to design new vehicles? Again, it'd be helpful.
Here's my thought on designing vehicles from scratch.

1. Make up what the vehicle is or start with a vehicle in mind that needs stats.
2. Compare and contrast the vehicle you're designing with some like it that are in the rules.
3. Assign stats that you think make sense and give you the vehicle you want in your game.
4. Use the vehicle in your game.

I know, I know. We're Shadowrun players and we like rules and crunch. But seriously, this method is just as good. Make up your vehicle, then use the mod rules if you want. Bam. Bonus: doesn't take 10 hours.

I make new weapons the same exact way, FWIW.

For mass combat, you could always check out Savage Worlds' way of handling it and perhaps adapt it to use d6s so you don't need polyhedrals at your Shadowrun game.
QUOTE (eidolon @ Sep 15 2009, 05:18 PM) *
I know, I know. We're Shadowrun players and we like rules and crunch. But seriously, this method is just as good.

Maybe for you, baby! wink.gif
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (3278 @ Sep 15 2009, 10:24 AM) *
Maybe for you, baby! wink.gif

I have to agree with Eidolon here... it works out great... for vehicles and weapons...
QUOTE (3278 @ Sep 15 2009, 12:24 PM) *
Maybe for you, baby! wink.gif

Yeah, I'm fully aware of that to be sure. smile.gif

But I will just never understand why so may people seem to treat the lack of an "official book solution" to something as a show stopper, instead of just, well, making things up. (Not saying that the OP is sitting there at a standstill unable to process the lack of rules, and is just drooling on his books or anything.)

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