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Full Version: Military Level Tactical Computer
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In response to the 'Worst Things Introduced in SR' thread I cracked out Shadowtech last night and was having a look at this most beautiful of sourcebooks. Whilst enjoying the cheeky banter between KAm and The Smiling Bandit I decided to look again at the SR2 Tactical Computer. Mama Mia! It's amazing!

Anyway, so I got to thinking. Maybe some sort of version of this should be available in SR3, thus the Military Grade Tactical Computer.

Military Grade Tactical Computer Updrade:
Purchased as an upgrade for the Tactical Computer, this requires that the subject already possess a fully installed Tactical Computer with ports. The upgrade is available in levels 1 to 4. This level combined with the effective level of their tactical computer (Tactical Rating) gives the Effective Rating whereas the Military Rating applies to the version of upgrade installed. Benefits as follows:
  • All the normal tactical computer bonuses. Except instead of being limited to a maximum of 4 rating points the new limit is equal to 3 + Military Rating.
  • Bonus to calculated initiative equal to Military Rating (but limited by Tactical Rating) only up to Initiative Maximum.
  • Target number modifier on Small Unit Tactics tests equal to -1 per two points of Military Rating.
  • Ability to lock onto a number of targets equal to the users Intelligence + Effective Rating.
  • Locking onto a target is a Free Action (only available in your own phase) and requires a Ranged Combat Test using Shotgun ranges and all modifiers for cover, lighting, etc. The number of dice rolled for this test is equal to the Effective Rating and Combat Pool can be added up to the Military Rating. Note the number of successes.
  • Once a target is locked onto, all combat tests involving that target gain bonus dice equal to the number of successes used to lock onto them, up to a maximum of double the Military Rating of the Tactical Computer Upgrade. This applies to Melee Combat Tests, Ranged Combat Tests and Dodge Tests. It does not apply to damage resistance. In the case of friendly targets these dice can be added to Small Unit Tactics tests to benefit that target.
  • If a target moves out of sight completely then when they re-appear the Tactical Computer's Effective Rating should be rolled against a TN of 4 + Initiative Passes out of sight to see if the lock has been maintained.

Level 1 Upgrade: 2.5 Essence, 300,000:nuyen:
Level 2 Upgrade: 3.0 Essence, 450,000:nuyen:
Level 3 Upgrade: 3.5 Essence, 700,000:nuyen:
Level 4 Upgrade: 4.0 Essence, 950,000:nuyen:

Needless to say availability through the roof and legality ridiculous.

What do you think?

You might want to call it something else, because a normal Tactical Computer is, by definition Militart Grade. In fact, it's 100% totally a military piece of hardware in the first place.

This is kind of like a "Military Grade Tank" IE: Is there any other kind?
Austere Emancipator
QUOTE (BitBasher)
This is kind of like a "Military Grade Tank"

Or, even more specifically, like a Military Grade Main Battle Tank. (Because someone might find police uses for other armored vehicles.)

Perhaps Tactical ‹bercomputer would be better.

Some testing is in order to determine how high the Essence cost should be, and what if any other drawbacks it has. Overall, I think it would be better to break that ware into parts: Tracking Computer, Capacity Enhancement (rising the rating max), Operational Enhancement (the SUT TN modifier. The initiative thing is uncalled for IMNSHO, but if you want a different part for it, it should probably be called the 1337 Computer.
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