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Full Version: Commlink Chaos
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I want to destroy sombodies commlink...

I've got admin rights and am not detected...

This person rides a bike which is subscribed to the commlink.

I want to shut the bike down and unsubscribe it, once thats done I want to mess up the comm to the point that the NPC can no longer use it to get control of the bike or vehicle.....

What do I need to do?

Im a technomancer.
If he is riding the bike at the time why don't you simply reboot the 'link and possibly the bike at the same time? If he is controling said bike through DNI I serious doubt he'd be able to get control in time anyways...


I am of course assuming that you don't care if said person dies in a bike crash. cyber.gif
Take control of his bike and ram it into something?
Take control of his bike and open the fuel cap remotely so it leaks, then cause it to light on fire by glitching the motor?
Take control of his bike, take him off the grid, and make him get a ticket?
Reboot his commlink... oh, that was mentioned.
Take all the data from his commlink, like his identity (SIN) and his financial information?
Erase all the information from his commlink, thus causing it to majorly fail?
Move random bizarre information onto his commlink, or run random programs on it, disrupting its flow, slowing it, and possibly causing the bike to crash?
There's a lot of things you can do. I like the fuel cap one myself, because it involves fire.
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