To begin, this character is made with some additional rules that break the normal (are they ?) BP rules. The most important ones are: Allowed to break the negative quality cap up to 70 points, a starting capital of nuyen.gif 150,000 and no need for a maximum of 200BP to attributes or 50BP to money.

One other change I negotiated was the Paragon Daedalus. It's disadvantage is now changed. The penalty still exists, until one has taken time to familiarize oneself with the differences in interface (no specialty required). It's different than one is used to, but not so bad one can't get used to it. (As it is as written). Added to that is a Willpower + Logic (3) test to willfully destroy a working machine (beyond repair).

And the last change (although some may run it like this): Software and Hardware while done completely different by Technomancers will have the same end result. Meaning that they can create the same program hackers can use, including patching them and so on. They just do it differently. (Meaning they can't use programming Nexi and software, but can use a Resonance Well for that same effect)

[ Spoiler ]

That is before he joined a group of Shadowrunners with his mysterious female friend (a Tiger Shifter Adept, another player)

[ Spoiler ]

Any machines he picked up while he was drawn from the gutter (although with his unique skills he never had it 'that' bad) he considers his friends, and for them he wants nothing but the best he can afford. He is like the crazy dog person (I myself am allergic to cats, that's why dogs), who finds 'strays', repairs them and then tries to find them a good owner. When a 'stray' he picked up is beyond repair, he'll salvage it for parts and use as much as possible in fixing others.

But he is part of a group as well, and that group needs him. Even though at first he really didn't trust them, but he has taken precautions. ( devil.gif ) And regular work (with lots of travel to at least keep his paranoia satisfied) does provide him with resources he can use for his pets.


Now good people of Dumpshock, what I would like from you is the minimum gear fitting to the character that would make this crazy man (he's crazier than I normally dare to play) a useful technomancer (rigger) addition to a group consisting mostly of mages and adepts (meaning as far as I know, he's also the only hacker).

I'm asking, because I have been struggling with the gear for quite some time (Tag Eraser, Fake Sin are a given)

Some hints in the direction of where to spend karma would also be nice.

And of course all other comments fitting to this topic are welcome as well.