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Full Version: The UK in the 2070s
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Have there been any references to the UK or local big hitters in the more recent sourcebooks? I'm only really starting to move over to Fourth Edition fairly recently so after the BBB my knowledge is less than complete. Thanks.
Unfortunately, no. Possibly in the upcoming 'Sixth World Almanac', but not right now.
Ancient History
Thatcher's back in town, Thatcher's back in town...

heheh. No, not really. Wait for it!
I gave up on SR doing anything UK related...
...So put together my own, and I've seen little reason since to use any other City setting from SR [a brief, to-be-updated version is on my forums - enjoy what you like].

The Rough Guide to the UK [for CP 2020 is rather good], as are the materials for CyberICE, and SLA Industries and Corporation are very British.
QUOTE (Ancient History @ Sep 16 2009, 07:23 PM) *
Thatcher's back in town, Thatcher's back in town...

Bobby, if you just recycle the old London sourcebook for setting or style I will have to track you down and drown you in a vat of my own bile.

That aside I take it from this hint that the UK is getting covered in the Almanac and IIRC London in the Cities of Intrigue book or whatever it's being called these days.
oooo Synner you just made me drool, that i gotta read lick.gif
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