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Full Version: Building Middies
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I'm in one of those weirdly curious moods this evening.

I'm thinking of ways I could help players build characters, and I've thought of something...

Has anybody *ever* had a character who attended/graduated from West Point, Annapolis, or one of the many counterparts throughout the world?

In my continuing quest to make chargen easier (and maybe more plug and play for beginners), what sort of skills and attributes do you think someone would have at the end of each year at the given Academy?

Do people think they'd still exist, even (if in very...different locations...see USAFA for example)?
Well, at graduation from West Point... I'll guess - Typically they have a BS in some sort of engineering, so KS & PS 3. KS military branch 4. Automatics, Heavy weapons, longarms at 3. Your required to play athletics, so some physical sport related skill at 2. (could include blades or unarmed). Ettiquette miitary 3, leadership 3. Academic background, so data search 3.
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