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i girlfriend wants to play Jue, the woman from the Last Flight of the Osiris short film (Animatrix). I think for a shadowrun approach it will be best to make her an adept. As i don't possess MitS i would like to her what powers you would give her...

For skills Edged Weapons and Athletics is a must. I heard of Great Leap, perhaps this suits her well.

Give me some ideas...

Actually, I think unarguably she is a decker. That's kind of the point.

And her name is Jue, Pronounced "Jway" J before the word "Way" if I remember correctly.
True, its Jue. (How can i change the subject?)

Decker is a good point for her RL character. But i wanted suggestions for her Matrix-Personality as a SR character wink.gif
Combat Sense or Astral Sense or something to make up for all that blind folded stuff.
Astral sense and combat sense are good points.

Do you know how Great Leap works, for the wild jumping? Are there other powers that affect Athletics. When she enters the Matrix, she makes this cool acrobatics and falls a great distance...
I believe that they add the rating of the power to your Quickness for determining the distance you are able to jump. I could easily be mistaken about that however. You can buy "Magic in the Shadows" from Stiggybaby's. Good price too.
Austere Emancipator
Does your girlfriend want that recklesness, narcissism and horndoggery in that character as well? I mean, sheesh, first she's having foreplay with her boyfriend in a hostile area and then she does gymnastics for a minute when the future of humanity is at hand. You go girl!

All Matrix-characters need huge levels of Improved Attribute: Quickness and Improved Physical Ability: Athletics, as well as Unarmed Combat and Edged Weapons.
improved attribute quickness all the way! more combat pool, more reaction, run faster, shoot guns(lots of guns). there is also a power that when you are unwounded and initiative rolls around no matter what your number you can chose to go first. however it is pretty expensive and doesn't stack with improved reflexes.
Does that quickstrike power apply if they have pain resistance, and have a papercut?

Does it function as long as they can't feel pain, or just as long as they are unwounded?
Yes, imp. Quickness, imp. Athletics, Unarmed, Edged Weapon are obvious choices. But are there any "special" adept powers that could be used too...
Austere Emancipator
The condition is "unwounded". So 1 box of any type of damage is enough to render the power useless, regardless of any Edges, ware or Powers.
Austere Emancipator
QUOTE (Gorath)
But are there any "special" adept powers that could be used too...

Freefall, for example. Allows you to drop 2 meters per level of the Power without suffering any damage. Can't think of anything else that would be clearly shown in the movies but wasn't "obvious" or already mentioned.
I find 4 levels (1 magic point) of of freefall is insanely useful. More so than it would ever appear, because it gives you options you wouldnt haev had otherwise.
Freefall is great. Okay, no shadowrun character can fall as far as Jue in the movie, but with Freefall you can land in relativ safety after a relative high drop. Falling 10 meters for 2D damage is okay. If you have Freefall 4 and fall 8 meters, do you need to make a damage test?

PS: Sorry for the "obvious", no attack, i am glad for every idea!!!
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