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Full Version: Zodiac boats
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Curiously, Arsenal includes submarines...

But not Zodiac boats. Or any kind of RIB/RHIB, actually.

Anyone want to take a crack at statting one?
I'd say base it around a Sea Doo Bolt with slightly more body and speed or just use the stats for the Zemlya-Poltava Crest with different standard features.
These would make a great addition to the forthcoming merc/military source book.
QUOTE (Method @ Sep 19 2009, 09:51 PM) *
These would make a great addition to the forthcoming merc/military source book.

Yes, but that isn't due out til 2010. I'm looking for stats to fill the gap til then.
Zodiac International Hurricane VI RHIB

With over 80 years of history and development, Zodiac's Hurricane line of rigid hull inflateable boats is the best selling and most well-known RIB in the 6th world. The Hurricane is fast, small, manuverable, and easy to transport. They are commonly used by militaries and law enforment officials who need a quick an power craft that can be easily deployed from a larger ship or helicopter. Over the years the Hurricane base model has been kept highly streamlined, boasting only simple manual controls and only the most basic of sensors. These options can be add-on on in more advanced modles.
Std. Upgrade: Assembly Time Improvement

Handeling +3
Accel 15/35
Speed 90
Pilot 0
Body 10
Armor 4
Sensor 1
Avail 9
Cost 30,000Y
This made me think of dragon boats and if the sport would have changed at all, with real dragons flying around, hehe.
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