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Full Version: Critique on Former Company Man
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This is my take on a former Company Man.

[ Spoiler ]

He was an up and coming Security Specialist, meaning a Johnson. He did his job well. A job
that included sometimes dealing with loose ends. His life was going well until he goblinized.
Luckily it didn't change his looks so bad that he could hide his new self. That was until his
yearly physical. His boss just happened to be a Humanis member so one blood test ended
his career. Now he is left destitute. His records are on file with his old corp and all his
contacts have been burned. But it's not all bad. He's got all his ware from his old job and he
knows the shadows.
Ork metatype only costs 20. Your total BP would be 410 with the 30 cost, so maybe the 30 is just a typo.

Move-by-Wire raises Reaction by 2 per level, so your Reaction should be 8.

I would take dodge: 4 instead of gynmastics: 3. Remember that Move-by-Wire gives a bonus to dodge. You could get that 4 points by getting the stealth skill group at 2 instead of the individual skills.

The lack of cybereyes and/or headware is a curious omission for a company man.

Skills seem spread out a bit thin. Fewer of them but higher-rated would probably work better, and make the character a bit more focused. Remember that Move-by-Wire functions as skillwires, too, so while he might not have any now, he probably had a good catalog of them at his former job. So for some less-used skills, he might have relied on skillsofts.

Also, I come up with 134 points of skills, even assuming the first eight of them are in 2 skill groups.

If you're going to get restricted gear for it, might as well get muscle toner: 4. You could lower his base Agility by one and use that point for Body, Reaction, or Edge.

Other than that, he looks fine. Story-wise, also fine. Goblinization is a lot rarer in 2070, but it does still happen.
The metatyoe was a typo. And I forgot to remove a couple of skills from the original list. But I took your suggestion and made the changes.

I also added the cybereyes but I am not sure about any other headware. I only have 19000 to spend on gear and I don't want to short change him on gear.
The cybereyes were the biggest omission. The other two things I usually take are more personal preference. The attention coprocessor is nice, but you already have perception through the roof, and radar sensor is nice, but a pair of ultrasound goggles are almost as good.

He looks good. It's a challenging concept - part expediter and part face is hard to pull off. And he has no contacts, he's an outcast from both the human world (the racists, anyways) and the ork world (they probably won't like an ork that looks that much like a breeder), and he has to make a living working with the people he used to screw over. He definitely looks like an interesting character to play.
Some suggestions for 'ware, as you could theoretically spend more BP on gear, have enough Essence left and should get some skillsofts anyway (it's SOP for corp drones), which may free up a couple of points :

-Attention Coprocessor
-Enhanced Articulation

All in all, i like the 'ware selection.
It includes all the stuff i consider standard for high-ranking corpers (Sleep Regulator, Cerebral Booster, Tailored Pheromones, Skillwires included in the MBW), plus some combat-related stuff that fits well with the elite corporate man theme (all the 'ware requiring Restricted Gear).

Skills i'd consider important, but which are missing and who should probably be accquired by skillsofts :
Pilot Groundcraft
Unarmed Combat
Athletics Skill Group
Data Search
First Aid
Japanese, probably some other foreign languages as well, depending on the corp (Russian for EVO, Finnish for NeoNET, Kantonese for Wuxing, German for SK)

I'd drop the Clubs and Pistols skills for softs, but would probably include some of the other skills as real ones.

Qualities :
I highly recommend the SINner flaw.
As you have a wide range of Professional Knowledge skills, Tech School Education may be beneficial, even though it's of much greater use under karmagen, where you don't get free Knowledge skills.

BTW, when reading the stats, the PC seemed like a security guy to me, like the classic Company Man archetype.
Certainly not like a Johnson- that would rather be a dedicated face.

Regarding the backstory, i'd suggest choosing one of the more racist Japanacorps as his former employer, either MCT or probably Renraku (in both cases, you may wish to shuffle some Knowledge skill points to a Yakuza-related skill).
If you opt for another corporation, you may want to consider including some intrigue against your character, otherwise i'd find it hard to justify that your boss got away with firing your character so easily.
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