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Full Version: Covert Ops and infiltration
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A new player joined my group, and she decided to go with a covert ops specialist build. She's doing well, and to help her out more I was wondering what angles others considered before performing infiltration. like, what questions do you ask the gm about the site in question, common ways used around security, what gear would be standard for such a run, etc. I know what I would ask a gm, and how i'd go about the run, but i don't want to lead her by the nose since i'm running the game. any info is greatly appreciated.
Moonstone Spider
Well the obvious info a BnE specialist needs to have for a run is the nature of the security system, and especially if there is any magic security. A mundane can often improvise past cameras and maglocks but a Watcher Spirit's nearly impossible to pass. Rigger security can be a real pain too.
Tom Collins
What gear you need to perform an infiltration (and just as importantly exfiltration) mission depends highly on the site you'll be hitting. Usually, my first order of buisness would be surveillance. Astrally observing the compound can give you valuable clues as to the magical defenses of the site while remote surveilance drones can give you a good idea of physical security. If it's possible to get a look inside (usually not possible in high security areas since physical security and wards will keep you out), do so. Next, I usually try to get ahold of a copy of the compound layout. Be prepared to pay a decker well to work their way into the records of whoever owns the site to determine what modifications might have been done (you can probably get blueprints from the city's archives, but I wouldn't trust them too far). All of this should give the character a reasonably good idea of what the security is like and if there are any weaknesses to be exploited. Look for anything out of place or odd (is there a section of ground the sec. people always walk around, are there "decorative" statues or other places that could conceal gun turrets, is there a higher than expected number of guards around a seemingly normal plot of land). Next, I usually try to get ahold of personell files for the security staff. There may be people that can be bribed or blackmailed into letting you in. not all of this stuff is going to be in the sites archives (assuming there is matrix access to them), so once again you're going to need a decker to go sniffing around the matrix to dig up whatever dirt they can. I also look at the area surrounding the site. Am I going to have to cross wide open fields or am I in the middle of the city with lots of buildings and alleys for me to duck into. Only after all of this is done do I usually start planning. As I mentioned before, infiltration is important, but so is exfiltration, and the latter tends to be much harder, since security is much more likely to be alert when you are on your way out than when you are coming in. Plans should include multiple exit routes and contingencies for when things go all to hell (which will happen).

Depending on the runs, I've done everything from blowing a hole in the side of a fence (definately not covert) to coming in under radar detection but above the spirits and guards patroling the ground on a hang glider.
When planning an infiltration:

1. Hard or soft entry?
2. On-site security assets?
3. Proximity of reinforcements?
4. Magic?
5. Critters, para or otherwise?
6. Points of Access to facility?
7. Matrix security?
8. Employer-imposed limitations? (No collateral damage, avoid bodies, etc.)
9. Blue prints or layout of target?
10. Guard rotation, schedules and so forth.
11. Security on employees off-site?

An Army expression: METTT

1. What are the mission objectives? What's a success? What's a failure?
2. Expected Opposition.
3. Site security, location, points of access and so forth.
4. What assets do we have at our disposal? Skillsets, gear, etc.
5. What time frame do we have for the mission?

Once you answer these questions, you can get a better idea regarding gear and equipment.

For a solo catburglar, the gear list will be far different than "burglar with sidekicks".

The possible gear list goes on and on and on, but the two things I think would be relatively mandatory:
microtronics toolkit

Eventually, you may like to know what's usual for the site. Are people working there late at night ? All night long ? During week ends ? Is everybody inside driving BMW and wearing suits ?
stealth is good. but making them think you belong is better.
A guy in camo will draw attention. a businessman or repairman will look like he belongs, and is often ignored. Having a decker gut you a work order helps alot- they think their boss is paying you to go to room x, grab gear y, and take it away for repair/recall/ect.

Radios. VERY important. always find, decrypt, and monitor the security channels. you should know the radio channels for lonestar and docwagon as well. if bob radios for backup, and you know reinforcement eta, you know how soon you have to be gone.

The right gear for the job. I would advise FFBA as you can wear that under any disguise, or other armor. adding things like non-conductive and chemical seal help a lot too. Electronics tool kit, something to get past print/retinal scans, lockpicks (for those old-fashioned deadbolts). White noise generators and jammers may be usefull. an ultrasound emmitter/detector is good for spoofing motion sensors.

have the right gun. You want non-lethal ammo, as well as something heavier for drones/vehicles/ect. a Silencer is mandatory, as is a concealed holster. try not to kill anyone if you dont have to.

Critters matter a lot. Ultrasound vision will get the dogs barking. you may want to have some kind of chemical spray to screw with the dogs sense of smell.

Riggers are a big threat- using the radio to scan for drone channels can help, especialy for jamming. Security rigger could easily be in a closed-circut tvs and guns, with no matrix access.

And beware sadistic security traps. like the palm-print scanner with c-4 in case of unauthorized access.
QUOTE (Teulisch)

And beware sadistic security traps. like the palm-print scanner with c-4 in case of unauthorized access.

Um... I know _I'd_ never expect that in a corp facility.

"Sorry Mr. Fujimoto - Your top researcher, Ms. Kuranga, was talking to another researcher and put her hand on the palm-plate incorrectly. I'm afraid the door blew both of them into little bits. I trust this won't change your appraisal of our annual efficiency report?"

The thing about lethal boobytraps is... They're not very forgiving in cases of mistakes.

Not to mention increasing repair bills and denying anyone else entry until the device is repaired.
Siege wrote:
When planning an infiltration:

Thanks Siege, well summarized.
thanks guys! this should work great. she'll love the info!
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