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Full Version: Rigger Adept?
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Is it possible to make an effective Rigger Adept without any cyberware? If so, how?
I haven't done this in SR4 myself, but it's probably possible to do it as a "vehicle driver" by applying Improved Ability to the driving skill(s) of your choice. Without the ability to 'jump into' the vehicle you'll have a hard time doing anything BUT driving at the same time, but you'll be able to throw large enough dice pools that you can leave gunnery up to another team-mate.

Adept abilities don't work through simsense, so drone rigging isn't going to work.
Its possible, but not helpfull. you'd lose some serious build points. What Adept powers are you trying to get? They can probably be accomplished with cyberware. or, you can skip the VCR, its just a +2 on everything you do jumped in a drone.
Well first, thanks for the quick replys
next, Right now its just an idea, i know im going with Elf Adept Face/Assasin (yea i know, strange combo),
was hoping to be able to use drones to help with the assasin stuff like sniping,
(sorry officer i dont know what happened, i was talking to Mr. Smith and pow hole-in-one)
well at least thats the idea, im new to Riggers so some of the interesting things with Rigging and Drones im not familier with.

Edit:Just in case you want to know we get 450 BP to play with.
You can absolutely "multiclass" your rigger into an adept in 4A. With improved ability on pilot skills and/or gunnery you can negate the loss of the +2 dice that you would get from your cyberware control rig.

I've made a Rigger/Martial artist physad with some increased reflexes, and that character is actually faster when not in VR. It surprised me how effective it is. Keep in mind that you might not be quite as effective as a min/maxed specialist in either the Rigger or Face category, but you can definitely be effective at both.
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