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Full Version: Strip Club map?
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Anyone know of any SR modules, campaign books, sourcebooks, etc that have a good map of a strip club in it?

Not feeling very creative tonight...

(and it's been so long since I've been in a strip club I'm having a difficult time trying to remember the layout:))
Maps? No, sorry, don't remember any. But there is a description of one on page 71 of Ghost Cartels that should be fairly easy to turn into one.
Sprawl Sites had a bar/nightclub map..not sure if you have that, though...
This is on my "to do list". In the mean time, here is a generic club map I did awhile back. You might be able to make it work. If you don't need it for a few days I might find the time to make it more "strip club" for you. Maybe...

P.S.- the scale is 1/4" = 1 meter for the interiors. They are formated for printing on a sheet of 1/4" graph paper.
Some nice stuff Method. I like that you use real overhead shots for the base. Gives you a better feel for the area. Do you mind if I bookmark your photobucket so I can blatantly steal your maps if I need one?
Thats why they're there. Have at em...

And thanks.
Great stuff, Method!
Here you go:
Sweet, thanks, Method. Those real overheads are going to make cover and concealment easier.

Chrysalis, thanks, uh, I think.

Nancy is totally a dude.

rotfl.gif rotfl.gif rotfl.gif rotfl.gif
Chrysalis: thats awesome. Even comes with NPCs.
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