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Full Version: Awakened Ivy/Guardian Vines
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Dakka Dakka
Although there is a nutrient supply for the awakened plants, I can't find anything that says how often it must be applied. Is there a rule for it?
I did some scanning and couldn't find any sort of rule. So I started checking on plant nutrients RL to see what I could find.

Mix 1 teaspoon per half gallon of water and apply weekly throughout the growing season.

So I'd go with once a week as an unofficial answer. Maybe someone can give you something more official, but if not, I hope that helps.
Dakka Dakka
That's what I would use as a rule of thumb. I was hoping for something more official.
Biofiber, in Arsenal immediately under the Awakened Vines post, mentions that it needs nutrients every week. I realize it's not technically official, but I don't see any reason why the times on them would be different.

I think that's about as official as will be found without developer intervention.
Speaking as a professional Gardener/Landscaper ...

Normal Ivy is very resiliant and normally doesn't need any additional watering systems or nutrients. When we maintain it I mean the no additional part, we pretty much cut it back every so often (a couple of times a year) otherwise we leave it alone. Natural rainfall is often enough.

However this is SR and you have 2 additional complications, Awakened Plants & Enviromental Damage (acid rain n the like). If the plant is indoors they won't take any extra steps about #2. Outdoors they likely would (or use a variety that can survive the pollution).

Since Awakened Ivy seems to need nutrients they would be applied on a weekly basis as you guys already noted. Some places do it every 3-4 days but that generally considered excessive (but works if your going for monster growth quick, as long as you don't poison the plant). The nutrients would probbally be distributed through the same irragation system used to water the plants (Normal Ivy as I said, doesn't need one, but Normal Ivy isn't grown indoors, eat astral intruders, or need rare 'unspecified' nutrients once a week)

Plant nutrients often look like dark cola with all the fizz taken out. In pure form it will syrupy, but is used diluted with water (a lot of water). They are not regulated and can be found at any gardening store, and it's almost impossible to tell one brand from another without the label, leading to all sorts of game potential wink.gif

I could tell you more, but likely I already went way over the amount of info you wanted. Any other plant questions? (rarely do I get to answer those, so I got a little excited biggrin.gif)

/ bored & waiting for his lunch
// do you mind if I borrow this style from you Blue Max?
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