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I'm running an SR4A game online and folks have requested that I make maps of the various areas so that they know where their characters can go and leave maneuvering room. Does anyone know of a good program other than MSPaint which could pull this off, or perhaps images that I could use for it?

I really don't want to use MSPaint for this...

It doesn't have to be made for 2072 usage. I'll settle for modern era if it can draw a nice map of a few city blocks with abandoned vehicles and various obstacles.
Depending on what you're doing, I use Google Maps for road and location maps and just copy the link into IRC. As for doing your own artwork there is always GIMP for Windows.
I've used power point, it is not that hard, and very useful when designing muti-story buildings.
Isn't Powerpoint for slides?
I've seen some pretty neat campaigns done up in Google Maps using their tools. Just pick a section of an existing city, use that street layout, and then put markers and such in there to do locations and whatnot.
HERE is a recent thread that discussed some of the map tool options available...

Personally, I use Google Map images as a base, a variety of sources for vector objects (noted in the other thread) and Photoshop to slap it all together. You can see some examples HERE.
I'm also another person who uses google maps a bit for getting the street maps.
Though the place where we play has a whiteboard along with lots of different magnets that I've also been drawing a lot on there also rather than just whipping out a handout map.
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