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Full Version: Ally Spirits and their (mortal) Ally's Death
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What would a Spirit do? Leave? Want revenge? Be free? Do they still get their summoner's Magic attribute to help resist banishing? Did they ever?
Screaming Eagle
"It depends" is the short answer.

An Ally spirit that was the summoners friend companion that make their (rather easy) test to go free will probably want vengance of some degree of terrible. One that was treated as a slave and abused may actually thank and assist their "liberator". Some would be glad to be free of the mortal world, others fight tooth and nail to stay in it. Each is an individual, sapient and aware with a distinct personality.

Once the summoner is dead you make the test (or just declare, if I recall they get a large number of bonus dice) for them to be free spirits: now they follow the free spirit rules and loose whatever benifits they had that came directly from their summoner... not that I can think of many but banishing resistance dice equal to the mages magic rating sounds right. Otherwise they "go home" and do... whatever spirits do out in the metaplanes.
You treat a spirit ally as having a loyalty of 6. Follow the same rules for allies by having that change depending on how the character treats his ally. Allies tend to reflect the personalities of their summoners. So if the summoner would get revenge for killing his friend so would the ally.
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