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Full Version: Mr. Faust's bodyguards
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The surface: The runners are hired by a J who is unknown to them but well spoken of in higher circles in the shadow community. A local college professor has been the target of several suspicious accidents lately and Mr. J suspects foul play. He has an interest in the targets research and wants him to be able to continue. He doesn't have any knowledge of the cause of these problems or the identity of the targets enemies if they assist. Further he'd prefer the target not know he is being guarded but will understand if such a thing cannot be acocmplished and still protect the target. He is willing to pay in magical artifacts and lore these can include foci or other more esoteric items/artificats.

The complication: The assasin's are a vatican sponsered shadowrunner team. As their "accidents" fail they will move up to more direct attempt at assasination over an extended period.

The twist: The target is the subject of a faustian pact whose conditions I leave up to any potnetial gms. In the spirit of the original material when I run it i'm going to have the pact be something related to enlightenment. The assasins are trying to kill the target both to deny him to "the enemy" but also to ultimately save his soul. The run will theoretically provide several moral/ethical dilemas to the PC's depending on what they find out and how they go about things.

Questions and thoughts?

Seems pretty cool to me. Maybe give a bonus if the professor never finds out he's being guarded. The J may not even know what the professor is doing; he may just be a friend who fears for his life, or has had threats that the corp wants him protected. However, they need the runners protecting him because they can't leave a trail back to the experiments the J is doing.
I actually intend to have the J be an agent of "evil" whether that be a literal demon/devil (high powered free spirit) or just a knowing cultist i'm still deciding. THe items will all be subtlety tainted, not tainted as in use x number of times grab a mania but certain implications of their origins.
Game was canceled due to some people not being able to make it and me not being completely preped. We ended up seeing Inglorious basterds and havign dinner instead a movie so painfull to watch I wish we stayed hom and winged it or something.
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