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I'm trying to create a character who is an enchanter or can at least put enchantments on objects, but I'm clueless on how to do it.
Screaming Eagle
Easy, not terribly good core book way: quickened spells will do a few things you are looking for

Quick and dirty way, Street Magic - anchoring metamagic and foci for triggered effects

Long difficult proper way, Street Magic - Enchanting rules - making a PC to do these well at Character Gen is not really all that easy unless you handicap yourself in some other way. Its time consuming and expensive. But the payoff can be huge. Main character problem - as a skilled enchanter with a good shop you will need a reason other then "the money" to bother with Shadowrunning, making reagents is REALLY profitable once you are good at it. I don't have the pages for these rules but once youve got the book youve got the Table of Contents.
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