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i am trying to get bikes and cars with a very good handling.

I found the following options that increase handling:

1) Handling Improvement (max. 1/2 start handling)
2) Smart materials (-1 Handling)
3) Drive-by-Wire 3 (-3 Handling)

If you start with a racing bike chassis with handling 3/6 you end with -2/-1.
[3/6 -->Imp. Handling --> 2/3 --> Smart Materials--> 1/2 --> Drive-by-Wire 3 --> -2/-1]

Going with a off-road bike chassis, you come from 4/4 to -2/-2.

For cars there is the sand buggy chassis with 4/4 --> -2/-2 and the sedan chassis with 4/8 --> -2/0.

So, do you know other options improving the handling of a vehicle? Or other bikes/cars you build?


Austere Emancipator
Improved Suspension (R3 p. 129), and to a lesser extent Off-Road Suspension (R3 pp. 129-130).

And, uh, the back of R3 lists all available bikes/cars chasses...
The problem is, that Suspension does not work with Drive-by-Wire. The -3 is better to the maximum -2 from Suspension.

I did not find any better chassis for handling (cars and bikes only). Some boats have handling 3, but i don't think Suspension or the other improvments would work here.
Austere Emancipator
My goodness, you're correct. I'd love to hear why the fuck not, but I guess making sense isn't one of R3's strong points. Meh. You'll have to make do with -2/-2 then...

The handling on an ATV is none better than an Off-road bike? Nice. Not much point, though, because the rounding-up of the Handling Improvement design option makes the difference between Handling 3 and 4 insignificant, and there's exactly one chassis in R3 that has Handling 2: Drone, Sea Sled, Small.
A drone with starting handling 2 will get a handling of -3 if all those modifications apply too. If you are a rigger (with RiggerControl3), you start at a TN of -6 for your test. If you use this sand buggy you have TN -5 biggrin.gif

Your GM can add many modifiers before you start to end with a TN 3 for your driving test grinbig.gif

If we optimize this for a rigger, add Structural Agility 3 for another 3 points of Reaction THAT affect your Rigging Pool rotfl.gif
Actually if memory serves, you cant have a handleing lower then 2...
I thought you can't have a TN lower then 2, but i don't see why handling is >2.

I.e. if you carry a big gun the concealment might be 1 or -, but the TN to spot the weapon is 2.

A rigger in a car with handling -2 has to make his normal driving check vs. TN 2, but has the chance to get TN 2 more often in his -2 car then in a handling 2 car.

Do you have a reference for handling>1?
Austere Emancipator
QUOTE (Gorath)
A drone with starting handling 2 will get a handling of -3 if all those modifications apply too.

Yeah but, like I said, the only chassis is a Small Sea Sled. Not that useful for most Drone Riggers.

I think I thought of Improved Suspension first because after I realized how insanely expensive Drive-By-Wire is for most uses I started to steer clear of it. In 20 years, all new cars should have drive-by-wire -- after all, fly-by-wire is ancient tech in aeroplanes.
True. I calculated a racing bike (lower BP) with Smart Materials, Drive-by-Wire 3, Structural Agility 3 and Handling Improvment. It has a cost of 70000 nuyen.gif and has +1 SI, so your GM could make this very expensive for you to buy...
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