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Fantask, Denmark's oldest comic and games shop, has a yearly event called Spilfestival (Game Festival). At Spilfestival they will elect the game of the year.

First there will be a nomination round, which is happening right now.

You can vote to, and in addition you might win a gift certificate of DKK. 300,- (~ 55 US$, but mind you SR4A cost DKK. 360 ~ US$ 68)

All you have to do is click right here:

Spilfestival game of the year

First part is best board/card game. If you don't play board/card games choose "Jeg spiller ikke brętspil eller kortspil" (I don't play boardgame or cardgames).

Second part is best RPG. If you don't play RPGs choose "Jeg spiller ikke rollespil" (I don't play RPGs)

Then you fill out your:

Navn = Name
Adresse = Street address
Postnr. & By = Zip code and town (include your country if not Denmark)
Email = E-mail address

Now I'm not forcing anybody to vote for anything special, but I sure hope SR4A makes it to the final round biggrin.gif

JM Hardy
I have voted, but in the interest of preserving the secrecy of the ballot, I shall not divulge for which Shadowrun-related RPG I voted.

Jason H.
done, thanks for the post! any chance to help promote SR is great.
Done smile.gif .
Replied last night. Great wink.gif
Last night I got an e-mail from the shop owner, asking I had told somebody to vote for Shadowrun. I told he what I had posted it on this forum, but that I also had posted it elsewhere, and asked if it was a problem, which it wasn't.

But the best part, is that all our votes have apparently made a difference rollin.gif

Go ahead and make us even prouder.

I voted too! In Danish!! Woohoo!
Done. Is there any way to tell if we're winning?
QUOTE (Apathy @ Oct 8 2009, 11:56 PM) *
Done. Is there any way to tell if we're winning?

Not until we see the 5 finalists. IIRC the voting between the 5 finalists will happen on the actual day, so you can only vote if you attend the Spilfestival.

If they do bring the final voting online, I'll let you all know.

QUOTE (pbangarth @ Oct 8 2009, 11:21 PM) *
I voted too! In Danish!! Woohoo!

Well it's not that difficult, I've been able to speak it since I was 2 years old wobble.gif

We did make a difference!!!

Shadowrun 4th edition is now in the finales for RPG of the year 2009 in Denmark, along with another CGL game Cthulhutech.

The result of the first round of voting can be seen here (in Danish):

The winners of the giftcertificates are:
Johannes Leth Dinitzen
Allan Frouvne
Zet Zebastian Wünsch

The final round of voting will happen on the convention, and only people that show up in person can vote.

Thank you everybody for you support of Shadowrun.

Well Shadowrun didn't make the finale cut. I was there, I voted for Shadowrun, and so did my daughter (even though she doesn't play). I know many other people voted for shadowrun, but in the end Pathfinder had the most votes and became RPG of the Year.

Small World became the Boardgame of the Year.

Official statement (in Danish):

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