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Full Version: Faking Assensed Emotions
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Mages are assensing people as they go into a building for signs of a possible assasin. They turn-away people who are angry, extremely depressed, extremely anxious, or extremely worried for fear that they may be assasins.

Assasin X and disgruntled shadowrunner Y both try to assasinate whoever is being protected, Shadowrunner Y gets turned away because he was angry at the time, Assasin Y is perfectly calm as this is just another job so He is let in. Although this is primarily a role-playing descision, would you let someone who's role-playing reasons attempt to 'mask' their feelings using an attribute or skill roll?

I was thinking willpower, but then-again Charisma and linked skills are what doing similar actions in social situations is based-on. Would you say that skills (high weapon skills? Social skills? The "Killing People" knowledge skill? Specific "Control Emotions" skills?) would affect it more, less, or the same amount as an attribute roll? Are there other factors?
Acting, specialization in full-X Simsense.

IMHO the person wanting to conceal their emotions must do it by deliberately thinking about things that give them a different emotion. It's not masking an emotion, but instead having real thoughts and emotions about something completely different than the job.

For example, the shadowrunner waiting in line to pass through a security checkpoint can choose to think about the last XXX simsense chip he slotted, or think over his last game of Tennis, or think about balancing his checkbook. This is difficult, and is best practiced in front of a magician who informs him whenever his mind wanders.

One could use a Willpower roll to see if the shadowrunner keeps his mind on track while he's visible to the security magician. I'd allow someone who wants to do better than a Willpower roll to put Karma into learning a skill for this.
I added a 'method acting' type of skill - I forget what it's called - but it's the simsense acting skill mentioned on the sim star in Prime Runners. The ability to fool yourself into feeling something.
I seem to remember reading in Survival of the Fittest that Lowfyr had almost perfect control of his aura. The ultimate poker face both face to face and magic based. Now, this IS Lowfyr we're talking about, but it does seem to suggest that it is possible.
I suspect that Lofwyr's aura control was based on something akin to the masking metamagic.

I like the idea of including it in a method acting skill, I'm trying to think what other applications it would have. Perhaps bonuses to Fast-talking? Also: Would you allow it as a centering linked skill? IE: You make yourself very, very calm (or angry, or jealous, or confused for the ChaosMages out there) when you cast spells.
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