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Full Version: Simple Two-Page SR4/SR4A Character Sheets
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Hello all,

I've created a series of two-page character sheets for SR4/SR4A in print-only PDF format and like to share them with you. Nothing too fancy; these are targeted to beginners, casual players, or anyone who doesn't need a 10 page "dossier"-style sheet.

Some features…
- Designed to be on one sheet of paper, front & back. Save those trees.
- Margins set for 3-hole punched paper. Print at 100% for best results.
- The use of Klavika typeface to resemble the look of the core rulebooks.
- Simple black & white design for "easy-on-the-ink/toner" printing.
- PDF 1.3: will open as far back as Acrobat 4.
- Consistent design on front page with generous room for Skills, and a Primary Equipment area for the "standard" gear your character uses on the run.
- Five versions...
1. PHYSICAL… for types like mercenaries, street sammys, weapons specialists, faces, smugglers… basically any mundane runner that isn't a gearhead. Emphasis on weapons & body augmentations.
2. TECHNICAL… techies like hackers and riggers; all mundane. Emphasis on commlink, vehicles, & weapons.
3. MAGICAL… for all magicians & traditions, except adepts.
4. ADEPT… like the magical sheet, but with Adept Powers and less emphasis on Spells, etc.
5. TECHNOMANCER… a hybrid of the technical/magical sheets. Emphasis on Living Persona & Sprites.

I'm a old school GM and insist my players use pencil, so these are not editable PDFs. However, if these get a demand for it, I'll break out the Acrobat Pro & create edit fields on a future rev.

My goal was to create a sheet to replace the "official" one in SR4A (which was lacking for my needs.) I wanted an effective 2-page sheet and keep everything as compact as possible. As such, there is little room for a lot of advanced rules (advanced lifestyles do not get much room), so power players are better off using the 10-page sheets that others have created. There really isn't enough condition monitors, but I usually keep track of that on my scratch paper, anyway. Sorry, there isn't space for a full character bio.

The methodology on design was based on personal character generation experience in regards to how much space to give to Skills, Gear, Spells, etc. However, I am new to 4th edition, so I may have forgotten something or not provided enough space for an important aspect to a specific type of character (for example… maybe the technomancer sheet needs more room for Complex Forms? Too much space for Skills?) Please feel free to provide constructive feedback. If there is a consensus on something that needs changing, I'll gladly update and post a new rev.

Thanks for checking it out & let me know if you use these in your games!
Nice. I will have to look them over some more later, but based on a quick glance they seem to meet your objectives pretty well.

They will in all likelihood be one of the options I make available for my players to use (I try to provide them several options so they can pick which character sheet works best for each of them).
Joe Chummer
So, according to the Magical character sheet, you can only have one magical lodge at a time? wink.gif

In all seriousness, these look good. I like the inclusion of the combined Attribute test DPs (Composure, Memory, etc.).

Although, maybe it's just the kind of games I play, but I don't think I'd ever fill all of the rows on the ranged weapons sections. In my games, if you own more weapons than you can easily carry on your person at one time without a cop noticing how bulgy you are, you have too many. This doesn't count big guns, though, because if you're lugging your Panther around, you're not worried about concealing it.
Looks very nice, I'll have to give it a try.

A couple minor comments:

- The A/K in the Type column of the Skills list should probably be empty and the header "Type (A/K)" - save on ink, and less confusing to read and mark smile.gif Similarly for Bound/unbound for Spirits and Sprites, and the +/- column for Qualities is a bit redundant (the +/- could be put in the BP cost directly).

- Other spots where players could enter their own info rather than having "radio button" style clutter on the page are the Chargen system, and Drain Resist attributes.

What software did you use to create these, if I wanted to tweak them? (I have characters that don't quite fit any of the standard sheets, for example smile.gif)
Joe: Only ONE LODGE at a time, people!!!! smile.gif Seriously though, I'll add a few more. I never had anyone play with more than one before; didn't think about it. And regarding the ranged weapons.... it is a lot of weapons, though some guys I've played with in the past like to purchase a LOT of guns, including me. We use it as a character "armory", I require the players to declare what weapons they are gonna take, and leave the rest at home or at the safe house. Also, the ranged weapons area can be repurposed for vehicle weapons (like on the Techie sheet).

Sponge: You are right, the A/K and +/- seems a bit redundant, I'll probably take those out. I understand what you meant by the Chargen system "radio buttons", but what specifically did you mean about the Drain Resist area? The files were created in InDesign CS3. If you can use the native files, i'd be happy to post. You'll need the Klavika font also, but you could sub another in easy.

Thanks everyone for the feedback so far.
QUOTE (erik @ Oct 6 2009, 02:42 AM) *
I understand what you meant by the Chargen system "radio buttons", but what specifically did you mean about the Drain Resist area?

I meant that there seems to be a lot of extraneous info there when a given character needs only one of the three options - you might just have a spot for the player to enter their own drain attributes.

Another tiny nitpick: The section way at the bottom for Fake IDs/Licenses might be a little small for the more careful/paranoid types smile.gif
I was skeptical going in, but I think they are clean, good-looking and definitely serviceable sheets. I am certainly going to make my players aware of these and they would certainly appreciate if they were fillable. So, count me as one vote for you doing some more work to make these fillable:)
sponge: thanks. I'll revisit the drain resist area and Fake ID area.
Joe Chummer
QUOTE (erik @ Oct 6 2009, 02:42 AM) *
Joe: Only ONE LODGE at a time, people!!!! smile.gif Seriously though, I'll add a few more. I never had anyone play with more than one before; didn't think about it.

For the record, I was totally kidding. The average magician only needs one lodge at a time.

But, on the other hand, considering the time and materials it takes to create and attune a lodge, if I was a paranoid magician and had a secondary lifestyle or safehouse, I'd probably have a lodge there too, just in case. You never know when your doss will be compromised and you really need to do some ritual sorcery from your safehouse after you've gone to ground.
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