Information is good. People like to have access to it. So we often get asked to sticky this stuff. However, that top bar fills up fast. So, to keep it clear, I'm starting up the "Dumpshock Important Links" Sticky, so that we can tag important info here for handy, dandy ease of reference.

Dumpshock Terms of Service - The little link at the top left of the page is easy to miss. THis ones important. You agreed to abide by these terms when you sign up for the site, so please, if you haven't read them (Or read them lately), give them a look. - This is the front end page for, and where we post important news about Shadowrun, Catalyst, and Dumpshock. We echo information in here as best we can, but this is something you should probably keep an eye on once a week or so at least.

Dumpshock IRC Chat - Again, we have a link up top, but it's new, and easy to miss. We have an active IRC channel once more thanks to Jackal. The link above tells you how to log in, points you to a free web browser based IRC client if you need it, and teaches you some real basics for IRC chat.
No Longer supported

The Dumpshock Data Haven Magazine - Fan Magazine we're producing. The DDH contains download links for released issues, information on how and where to send submissions for the magazine, and more.

Dear Mr. Johnson - A thread to pose Shadowrun game questions for our very own Mr. Johnson, Dashifen, to answer in the Dumpshock Data Haven.

Dumpshock Data Haven Facebook Fan Page - Follow the DDH on Facebook.

Sixth World Wiki - Shadowrun Wiki site. Use it, love it, add to it.

Official CGL Shadowrun Site - Need I say more?

Catalyst Game Labs - CGL's main site.

CGL Demo Team - Sign up, run games, get swag! Or, find games being run by Demo Team members in your area!

Battlecorps Web Store - Buy Shadowrun PDF's and Books here

Who's Who On Dumpshock - compiled list of SR freelancers, developers, artists and other contributors who frequent DS