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Full Version: looking for metahuman shaman minis
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as the title says- any good futuristic orcs and trolls out there?
A quick google and wikipedia search found me Iron Wind Metals, which (I think) holds most of the old Ral Partha licenses. They actually used to make minis for Shadowrun, and it looks like you can buy boxes of the old minis at their site.

Barring that, I think you're going to have to mod yourself a mini together. A fantasy orc shaman with a machinegun swapped into his hand will probably fit right in. Conversely, if you can find a good gunslinger model, you could try and mod in shaman gear. Humans and dwarves are easy to find in most configurations.

A good base Troll is going to be a problem, since the Shadowrun metatype is pretty unique - you might look at the Warhammer 40k Ogryn models and mod in some horns. Scale relative to your other units is going to be important, though, since these guys are about 1.5* the size of the 40K humans. If your other players are playing with larger models, he's just going to look like a fat dude. If you don't mind him lacking gear, the fantasy line is even bigger and better: Ogres but doesn't come stock with guns or shaman kit, so you've got your work cut out for you.

If you've never modded a mini before, do a quick google search for 'green stuff mod' and you'll get lots of info and howtos. The short version is, buy a few bucks worth of two-part epoxy putty from whoever sells you your minis, and use it to smooth out the seams when you glue a new head or hand onto a model. For best results, drill a hole into each part and glue a piece of a paperclip into the holes for strength. With some practice, you can re-arm most any miniature.

I hope some of this was helpful.
yeah, I 'm aware of the iron winds stuff- but it bites. as for modding- i was hoping not to have to
Asking for a stock gun-wielding metahuman shaman model is a pretty tall order. It's what you call a 'niche market'. To the best of my knowledge, no mini company is actively supporting Shadowrun players. Add to that that Runners are rarely generic looking (Armor Knight, Wizard w/ Robes and Pointy Hat, etc) and you are in for an uphill battle trying to find minis, especially if you're expecting high quality. I don't think I've ever had a Shadowrun model I *didn't* have to Green Stuff.

What *specifically* are you trying to find? Maybe I can get you close.
what about a WH40k Ork Weirdboy?
QUOTE (Chrysalis @ Oct 10 2009, 06:17 PM) *
what about a WH40k Ork Weirdboy?

Good spot, Chrys. I didn't know they were still making Weirdboys - I thought they last saw action in 2nd Edition. Games Workshop is pretty expensive compared to some other outfits, but they have been turning out some of the best models I've seen. GW Orks are way uglier then Shadowrun Orcs, but they've got cyborgs, machine guns, and apparently shamans. If you drop one of these guys on the table nobody will have trouble telling which one is yours.

When you go to the Games Workshop store, be sure and ask the clerk if they have any Squats in - that's the 40k Space Dwarves line.

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