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shadowrun: (insert sprawl name) do it like a combo between grandtheft auto and mass effect....a character design system with all the races and options based on the sr4 rules and a twitch based combat system influenced by the stats (like mass effect). IE more unarmed=/faster/deadlier/more varied moves, higher rifle grants a smaller reticule etc.. It should have a dialouge system like mass effect/kotor/nwn with multiple options allowing you to befreind and antagonize multiple factions. there should be a main campaign with a whole bunch of little side campaigns and quests.

shadowrun: totalwar. Part of the total war series players can take on the role of any north american nation and try their hand at conquest in turn based strategy and real time tactical gameplay. The player must keep corporations happy as they depend on them for most of their trade income. A major difference between this and other games would be the more detailed espionage system where the player assembles a team of "shadowrunners" to create a team unit with stats equal to the runners abilities.
I'd kill a man for a good GTA-style "sandbox" Shadowrun game. Hell, they could even just offer us different gender/metahuman skins for a protagonist that has the same damned abilities no matter what, adding nothing to gaming as a whole and doing nothing new or exciting with their game engine...just make GTA feel and look like Shadowrun, and I'd be sold.
lol yeah that's what I was thinking with the first game I thought of....make it like fact playing gta I was thinking hmmm this could be like: "shadowrun: rigger" lol. and I would have called it that except I thought letting the player play other parts would be cooler
Lok1 :)
Anyone heard of yoyogames/Gamemaker? I've had a copy of GM7 pro for quite a while and understand the hybred code that it uses pritty well. I've been planing to make a detailed game for a while but realy have been waiting for insperation/someone showing an intrest in helping drawing sprits and graphics.
If anyone is intrested send me a post or PM.
If you wana see yoyogames or some of the Shadowrun like stuff that has been done with it hear are some links.
A lame shadowrun- theamed game made with it
A few games that made with it that are shadowrun-like
Just my two Nyune
PS:The games I've shown are just a limited example of what it can do, I've made a first person maze/puzzle game and seen a plethora of diffrent styles of games rangeing from 3d puzzles to acrade style games and recently a rash of sword fighting games.
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