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Any one familier with Stephen King's Rose Red story? It's a hunted house story with a setting in Seattle. Huge monster mansion sitting in downtown on nearly 40 acres of prime relestate and no one can do anything with it because the house is not only haunted but resists being demolished, repairs itself and continues to grow. Any thoughts on how one could represent this in Shadowrun without ignoring raw?
The Monk
I would make it exist only in astral space.
Mr. Man
I had a GM relocate this to Seattle and use it as a setting for a run once. He was not a stickler for RAW.

As I recall the house was pretty thoroughly dual-natured. When we discovered and attacked its weak point (for massive damage) the physical part of the mansion collapsed while the astral part disappeared (with a strong hint of Baba Yaga "who knows where it may appear next?")

And that's all I have to say about that.
My first thought would be that it is an alchera - but as I am currently AFB, you'd have to check up the RAW on that.
i actually live about 3 miles from that house. here's a link to it for yer research:
No imput, but I think its a cool idea smile.gif
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