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Full Version: Infil/Exfil-tration Specialist with the MA quality
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I have pondered after playing a rather catastrophic SR session, if I could build a MA with a focus on stealth.

Karmagen / BP gen are both viable methods.
Origins: Most likely Eurasian, Russian with Japanese roots, perhaps some yakuza influence
--Mother: Deceased, train accident
--Father: Maybe a head of a yakuza or a cook for a yakuza family
--Great Uncle: Blind but still capable of teaching a martial art of Japanese origin; brother is a head of some rengo?
--Siblings: Alive, somewhere on earth and space?

Eventually at 6 Magic, 1 point into Adept powers, 1 point taken for cyber/bioware
SURGE qualities may be added??

Attributes: TBD
-Magic: 4

Skills: TBD
-Stealth Group
-Throwing weapons
-Assensing? with astral perception ...

-Improved Invis. (Some issues with hits may apply?)
-Detection spells

-Chameleon suit (fo sho)
-Clubs/blades (Let live or "Cleanse, purge, KILL!!)

Cyber/bioware: TBD
-Synaptic boosters?

Adept powers: TBD
-Nimble fingers?
Qualities: Astral chameleon

With a playboyish public demeanor, <That Guy> aka Mista Clean, has recently arrived from Russia?, Japan, a stint in Africa? in Seattle, as he waits for his contact to arrive, he connects to Infinity, "Seattle's Newest and Brightest Nightclub."

The following is a clipped transcript of <That Guy> and <Racer> from the node #Infinity @
TG: May I ask what brings you to this establishment at this hour?
R: Mostly just a time to relax, wind down for the day.
TG: I am looking for some assistance if you would be willing.
R: Perhaps... what do you look to do?
TG: I need assistance in acquiring particular things of value.
R: Teknodragon smiles. "I have knowledge of how to get such things..."
TG: Some of these items are, how should we say a bit out of reach than others.
R: Racer's smile grows sly. "That, I've definitely knowledge about; I'm good at finding hidden things."
TG: Some of it has not accessed the 'trix since 15 years ago if not more.
TG: One item should be the easiest of the these, my sources have indicated possibly there is an item of value being handled through some collectors shall we say.
R: Hmm... so you seek to have a few things from meatspace 'rescued' from where they languish?
TG: Yes. Thankfully, this piece and its counterpart, are both physical and Matrix, I can see if these items are no longer cutting edge of the ones that have not been misappropriated.
R: That would be helpful, yes.
TG: If said items are retrieved they are your to keeps with a few conditions. Small, minor if not trivial demands.

This post is for a sanity check and general place to pick up some ideas.
More to come, overcome by sleep ...
You may also consider going the Social Chameleon route too. My build had no 'ware but Magic 5, with 3 for Spellcasting and 2 for Adept Powers. With things like Facial Sculpt, Melanin Control, Voice Control, Kinesics, and Memory Displacement (2 Power Points total).

Also consider First Impression. Odds are you're only going to meet the people once anyway, so it comes in handy.

With the Adept Powers above and spells like Fashion and Makeover you can fit in almost anywhere. Alter Memory lets you become as memorable as you want to be, Influence lets you bypass certain awkward things, and Sterilize removes any traces.

But that's if you want a Socialite as well as an Infiltrator.

Traceless Walk and Astral Sight eat up two points right there. But TW can be replaced with Levitate, kinda.

If you want some 'ware consider the nano stuff from Augmentation. A priority would be Initiation and getting Masking ASAP, hide that aura. You don't even need to Astrally Perceive to do it.

Just some ideas. Power Throw by the way would seem a necessity, 0.75 points for +6 to thrown weapons? Yes please.
SIN Name: Carl Marston
Alias: Mista Clean, Mr. Clean
Avatar: <That Guy>
Age: 22
Height: 1.73 meters...5'8"
Weight: 147 Lbs.

Body 3
Agility 4
Reaction 4
Strength 3

Charisma 4
Intuition 5
Logic 3
Willpower 5

Edge 3
Essence 6
Initiative 9
IP 1
Magic 4

>Mystic Adept
>Made Man
>Astral Chameleon
> Martial Arts (Ninjustsu)
>>Advantages: Reduce Visibility
>>Manuevers: Disorient
>SINner (Criminal) {Having associations with the Yakuza, would that cause possible records to exist?}
>Moderate, Uncommon Allergy (Cryptomeria aka Suji) {assuming PC does not start in Japan}
>Sensitive System

Adept Powers
>Memory Displacement
>Melanin Control
>Voice Control
>Facial Sculpt

Tradition: Buddhist
Adept Path: The Invisible Way
Group Initiated: семь
Initiate Grade: 1
Ordeal: Oath

>Blades 3
>Dodge 2
>Throwing Weapons 3
>Spellcasting 4
>Disguise 5
>Infiltration 5
>Shadowing 1
>Perception 3
>Con 4
>Navigation 1
>Pilot Ground Craft 2
>Negotioation 2
>Etiquette 3
>Climbing 3
>Gymnastics 2

Increase Reflexes
Improved Invisibility

Japanese N
English 3
Russian 2

Crimial(Yakuza) 5
Politics (Corporate) 4
Hangouts (Safehouse) 2
Navigation (Smuggling) 1
Security Procedures 4
Procedures (Corporate) 2
Fine Cuisine 2

Defiance EX Shocker
-Personalized Grip
-Melee Hardening
-80 Taser Darts

Cougar Fine Longblade

Ceramic Knife

Survival Knife

Chameleon Suit
Actioneer Business Clothes

Sim Module
AR Gloves
5x FlashPak
5x Thermal Smoke
White Noise Generator R4
Jammer, Area R4
Gas Mask
Nanopaste Disguise Small
Grapple Gun
Climbing Gear
2x Stealth Rope
Catalyst Stick
Rappeling Gloves
Gecko Tape Gloves
Autopicker R4
Wire Clippers
Maglock Passkey R4
Monofilament Chainsaw
Keycard Copier
Smart Pack
Disposable Commlink
5x Certified Credstick

Hermes Ikon
-Novatech Navi OS
-Browse 3
-Analyze 3
-Command 3
-Encrypt 3
-Scan 3

Contacts R3
-Image Link
-Vision Magnification

Googles R3
-Vision Enhancement 3
-Flare Compensation
-Low Light

Earbuds R2
-Audio Enhancement 3
-Spatial Recognizer

Fake SIN 4

AR Gloves
Microtransceiver R6
Medkit R6

2 Months High Lifestyle

Suzuki Mirage
Engine Customization Acceleration
2x Run Flat Tires

Group Contact
L4/C8 Great Uncle - Yakuza

L2/C5 Ernest Raagen - MCT Seattle Division Manager

(A striking young man walks alone on the paved stones. A small girl chases up to him nearly tripping (face plant!!) but quickly regains her balance and straightens out her outfit.)
Miki: "Senpai, where did Sensei say to meet him, it's almost time ..."
Karl: "Patience, Miki-chan, Sensei will come," grumbling quietly, "usually whenever he pleases or when ..."
Miki: "What do you think he want all of us for, he's always training your little brother, Carl."
Karl: Resuming Now we just need to find Ernest, Lev and Carl, again."
(fade out to a serene waterfall elsewhere in the park, contrasted by the towering blood red walls)
(a young boy, with a similar striking visage of Karl, meditates under the falls, near him are two elders practicing their arts.)
(Ernest attempts to escape Lev's planned pin. Lev begins to incapacitate Lev, but is thrown to the ground. Ernest soon finds himself in the ground.)
Zoey: "Carl, we need to meet Great Uncle, he said something about a "gift from Great-Grandfather."

(Two men are watching security trideos.)
Mysterious Man #1: "The семь, the Seven? What kind of pathetic joke is the old man trying to pull? He thinks he'll stop my god's words with a prophecy."
Nervous Mysterious Man #2: "It's just seven pukes, right. We can knock them ou ..."
MM#1: " No, here's what we'll have them do ..."
(Nefarious whispering.)

(Carl looks to the corner of his AR, *It's been that time again, time to meet the parents. Luckily, after that botch I'll be able to keep all of my fingers. Thankfully, he was there to see it happen. But, now this, these two ...*)

20 Questions, 2 answered more to come
Marston-san, Fifteen years have passed, Karl, Kitt, Lev, Ernest, Zoey Miki
1) Where does your character come from, what is their lineage, who were their parents, and what did they inherit from their parents?
Great Uncle: Although he holds no real position in the Yakuza, his brother (Maternal Grandfather to Carl) is a shateigashira of a city in a prefecture.
Trains his brothers's guards.
Mother: Passed away in a vehicular accident
Father: Runs a Russo-Japanese restaurant near Grandfather's home.
Siblings: Alive, somewhere?
Ernest Raagen: Elf, extracted from MCT Japan to MCT Seattle, and childhood friend.

2) Assuming they could speak, what would your characters' parents say about your character?
Father: Although he may seem inattentive, brash, and mischievous, he is perceptive and uses his behavior to hide his true intentions.
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