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Prime Mover
Still reading through Running Wild and see the mention of Drakes producing a protein even in their mundane form thats similar to Dragons. And how Dragons want this protein for some reason. Has this been mentioned before? Am I reading this wrong? Do Dragons seek out this protein for identification purposes or do they seek out the protein for some other nefarious purpose?
Ancient History
It's new as far as "never having been specifically mentioned before," but there are some references in the early Paranormal Animal books and the fluff concerning Dunkelzahn's vaccine that is vaguely connects to. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.
Prime Mover
Any chance ya could point to specific pg or reference concerning Vaccine?
A vaccine? Against what?
Prime Mover
To the corporations and governments of the world, I leave the formula for an infant vaccination that should be administered to all children born after 31 October 2060.

The vaccination was made based on compounds and enzymes found in dragon blood. Those who developed the vaccination believed they were imparting increased longevity to their children, while others (like Lofwyr) believed DUnkelzahn was attempting to create a new draconic servitor race. According to one of the leading researchers, the vaccine may have resulted in a new metatype, and the date was critical, as the mana level had to be high enough for the vaccine to activate. The vaccine was destroyed before it could be distributed by a raid of Humanis Policlubbers, who were indirect pawns of Lofwyr.

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets, The Forever Drug

Taken from AH's page after a google search.

Edit: Been so long since I've read the novels, anyone offer any insight from that one?
Prime Mover
The Forever Drug

Working freelance for the Lone Star police
department, Romulus dreams of becoming an official uniformed
officer. But as a "shifter" --a wolf who can assume human form--
he is not recognized as a person by the government. When he
meets "Jane Doe," a beautiful amnesiac who is linked to a major
smuggling ring, he sees his chance to prove himself worthy by
cracking the case. But who is importing the tentacled monsters
that leave their victims smiling in their death throes? And why
are so many people interested in "Jane?" In his search for the
answers, Romulus may discover the secret to immortality....

So how does the vaccine fit into that, immortality drug that keeps tentacled horrors at bay?
The "tentacled monster" is nothing more than a will'o'the wisp ^^
Dragon protein? News to me.
A vital part of the diet of any gym goer. Eat your dragon steaks for proper muscle repair. Get your workout by attempting to obtain the dragon steaks.
QUOTE (Hagga @ Oct 14 2009, 05:50 PM) *
A vital part of the diet of any gym goer. Eat your dragon steaks for proper muscle repair. Get your workout by attempting to obtain the dragon steaks.

You're terrible.

Of course, you could get Welsh Dragon Sausages.
Prime Mover
QUOTE (GreyBrother @ Oct 14 2009, 02:53 PM) *
The "tentacled monster" is nothing more than a will'o'the wisp ^^

So what is the drug/vaccine? Are they the same thing?

I came across an old post at discussing this.
Two most agreed upon subjects for the vaccine were.
1. A vaccine against Surge.
2. The secret to immortal life, ala IE's.
QUOTE (Prime Mover @ Oct 14 2009, 08:39 PM) *
So what is the drug/vaccine? Are they the same thing?

When the will-o-wisps drained essence from their victims it created a 'swoon' much like vampires, that swoon was the 'drug'. The vaccine was something the Jane Doe was working on before Lofwyr scrambled her noggin. IIRC, the connection between the wisps and the vaccine was only peripheral, they really had nothing to do with one another. I'm not sure I remember correctly, but I think it was just two plot arcs in one story. I think the only connection between Jane Doe and the smugglers was that they originated in the same spot (Her labs and their cache/hideout are neighbors, or something like that), or maybe they were bringing her illegal supplies. Can't be sure though, it's been two to three years since I read that and I could be (probably am) forgetting some important stuff. I just noticed others weren't giving you very complete answers and wanted to give you what I could remember. Sorry, wish I could help more. I own that book, maybe I'll reread it and post a better synopsis for you, probably take a day or two though because I'm pretty busy these days.
Prime Mover
Since the vaccine aspect of this post seems to be a mystery let's segway.
Corpselight/will o wisp left out of 4th edition? Not finding it.

Edit: NM found another post they aren't stated in 4thed
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