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Full Version: On the Run successor?
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It mentions towards the end of On The Run there might be future adventures, where, gasp, squeal, you might meet Jetblack! I don't suppose anyone knows anything, or would like to lure me into their van with promises of future releases?
I thought we were going to see an updated/revised version with the upcoming Toolkit - more info then?
God I hope not.
hat would be pretty cool - not that I really like On the Run or anything, but the lack of a resolution could be solved quite easily. though adding a sequel might not really be considered dealing with this problem...
I don't think On the Run was interesting enough, story-wise, to merit a sequel. There's other things I'd like to see the devs spend time on. Speaking of which:

For my money, I would love to see books that contained stories that were somewhere between a fully-formed adventure framework like "On the Run" and the one-paragraph plot hooks you see in other sourcebooks. Maybe that's hard to do or they would have already done it. Stand-alone "adventures" have the weakness that most GMs are going to modify them, sometimes heavily, to fit their own style and gaming group preferences. Also, no author is going to have any better luck than the group's own GM at predicting which way a group of PCs will jump in a given decision point. The plot hooks in the sourcebooks have some really good ideas but leave 90% of the work up to the GM. So you have adventures that are either over- or under-specified. Why not a book that strides the middle ground?

You could have a 180 page book that details 20-25 (mostly) unrelated adventure ideas. You dedicate six to eight pages to each one. You get an overview, a potential decision tree, some suggested scenes and short descriptions of a handful of NPCs. This would save a GM a lot of work while providing a great deal of flexibility. For the NPCs you have names, archetypes, basic personality, motivation and the GM can easily assign a Professional Rating and tweak an archetype or build a Prime Runner.

What are the reasons not to do this?
I'll second that, but I'd like to see the NPCs "dialed" into different power levels, that way its easy to plug the same NPCs depending on what dicepool levels the group wants to play.
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