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Full Version: Full Modular Cyberarm replacement
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I've been looking at modular cyberarms and let me confirm how this works.

If I want a full Modular Cyberarm then I multiple the arm by 1.1 and it is modular and I can swap it out if I want?

How does it work if I only want to be able to swap out the forearm or just the hand?

Does the main arm lose the number of capacity equal to the modular part? Say a Synthetic hand is capacity 2 so would a synthetic modular arm (capacity of cool.gif that could swap out the hand (capacity of 2) would have 6 capacity?

Thanks all!
You can't actually swap out the complete arm, as per the rules.
You can only swap out forearm below the ellbow and/or the hand.

Else, i think you are spot on. But i am not too sure about this stuff.
sorry ,I was too hasty. I just reread everything. You can only replace Hand,feet and Lower Arm/Leg.

with an apologizing Dance
If i ain't mistaken, the rules painstakingly clear for once state that you can only swap out partial limbs such as lower arms/legs and hands/feet.
I might be wrong of course, as i am at work with no books at hand. And of course i don't know wether or not this was changed in $R4.5.
Also, most GM's just nod when you ask wether or not you can get the full arm replacement.

Lets assume there are only lower limb and feet and hand modular cyberlimbs (which is my read too).


a full Synthetic arm has a capacity of 8 and a 3 if equipped with a Modular lower arm.

Modular Synthetic Lower Arm has a capacity of 5 and a 3 if equipped with a Modular lower hand.

Modular Synthetic Hand has a capacity of 2

I buy it custom with +3 stats in all Bod, Agility and Strength which will be across the board for the custom cyberlimb.

Now I have to divide up my capacity knowing if I swap out something I lose it.

So on the upper arm with 3 I get +1 Strength, a data jack, and a comm unit.

My Modular lower arm I put in a smuggler's compartment

and in the hand I put in climbing claws

Now I multiple the total by 1.1 (or 1.2 if the GM rules I have two modular parts).

Now I have my modular arm and the modular arm has the customized stat increases across the board.

The GM would be with in his rights to lower the custom stat bonus depending on what I swap out unless I bought them on the other modular parts Likely at 1/2 price for the upper arm and a 1/4 price for the hand.

So I swap out my original modular hand with the customized stat increases for a non customized drone hand.

Likely I could swing a sword or throw a punch fine, but I don't get my agility bonus if I'm trying to pickpocket a guy with my drone hand.

Does that sound right?
Remember that Lower Arm also comes with Hand included.
i don't know why someone with a stronger hand would put strength in the forearm fore example. In the Upper Arm i could see again.
This stuff is, in my eyes, pretty complicated. But you seem to have the gist of it. Remember please, that i don't actually play SR4 and thus am not as proficient in the rules as other people might be.
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