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For those of you very familiar with a certain game (that causes cancer), may recognise this spell idea. Delivered in both SR3 and SR4 versions

Elemental manipulation Physical 4/RC Instantaneous Caster/Area +1(Damage lvl +1)

This was developed for Area fire watch mages as a line of last defence. When a mage is surrounded by enemies the majority of his area spells as negated by her proximity to the effects. Modeled on a fireball, sun burst acts a caster smart grenade. The destructive effects centred on the caster and eminating out like a normal fireball but leaving the casster unharmed. It starts with the caster being enveloped in flame like an elemental aura. Then the arua expanes outwards rapidly in all direction creating a orb or dome of fire to magic X meters like a standard fire ball.

Death wave
Combat Mana W/R Instantaneous Caster/ Area (Damange lvl)

Manaball acting like sunburst spell.

Stun Wave
Combat Mana W/R Instantaneous Caster/ Area -1(Damange lvl)
Stunball acting like sunburst spell.

Sunburst DV (F+2)+3
Death Wave DV (F+2)
Stun Wave DV (F+2)-1

Hope this useful to someone as I had an hour to waste on SR trivia
Statue (Physical)* P O (BOD) LOS Permenant (F 2) + 4

Pretrify just went perment without quickening. Again idle hands...
Some fun ones I've played with, all SR3:

Not My Problem: Control Manipulation, Mana, Range LOS, TN Wil®, Threshold Half Target's Willpower, Duration S, Drain F+1(M)

The targetted creature makes excuses as to why he or she doesn't have to deal with anything going on around them. For example, a security guard hearing a noise with this spell on them might decide it's probably just a rat and he doesn't have to investigate, or that the flicker on his security screens is probably just an electrical fluxuation again.

Gotta Pee: Control Manipulation, Mana, Range LOS, TN Wil®, Threshold Half Target's Willpower, Duration P, Drain S

The targetted creature believes that they really have to pee. The desire to pee increases as the spell is sustained until they really have to go by the time it's permanent. Peeing causes the spell to complete. This is a very handy spell for moving guards out of position for a short time.

Extended Detect Enemies: As Detect enemies, but extended, so at Force 4 with a magic rating of 9 you'd have 360 meters where all those with hostile intent are found. Great for picking up snipers before they can shoot and knowing if you've been detected (since guards will only become hostile if they know you're there).

Crowd Control: Extended Stunball. Magic * 10 meter radius, and the drain still isn't too horrible. This drops anyone who can see you if you cast it on yourself (and if you've got a willpower as high as my character's, and then cast Spell Shield, you won't effect yourself). Nice for clearing out crowded rooms very quickly without doing anything lethal, ending hostage situations fast, and nailing people you think might be watching you.

So cool ones in there, though I thought that extended area could on be used on detection and maniputlation spells?

Be careful before you agree to this one:

Magic door
Transmutation manapulation Phys, Object resistence sustained +2(Serious)

The caster draws a door up to 2m square on a wall. with the power of the spell this transmutes the wall into a real door, ala Pan laberynth/ Beetlejuice manner. The spell maintains the wall intregrity while sustained and when the door is close the wall returns to normal.

The spell can penetrate 10 cm of thickness per point of force, if the caster over comes the object resistence.

Edit: Should point out this does not work on warded obstructions until the ward is breached or destroyed.
There's an extend area option for non detection spells too. It makes the radius Magic * 10 instead of Magic * Force * 10 as detection does, but it's still plenty.

Other options I've played with:

Vignette: As Trid Phantasm, but the illusion is only visible to people within the area of the illusion. Great for setting people up... they see what you want them to see, but the cameras and cops watching them see something else entirely. You can even do an entire meet with a Johnson in Vignette without worrying about other people watching.

Mes en scene: As Trid Phantasm, but the illusion is only visible to people outside the area of the illusion. Another handy way to deal with folks... when everyone has different perceptions, things can get a lot more confusing...

Private Performance: Direct Illusion, Mana, Sustained, this spell allows you to create hallucinations (that seem just like phantasm spells) that only the target can see. With the other two, it's great for framing people!

Illusions of Grandure: Directed Illusion, Mana, Sustained, this spell makes the target think that everything they do works exactly how they wanted, leaving them hallucinating. Thus, if the target was a security guard who was trying to shoot and kill you, he'd think his next shot killed you (then probably walk out of cover). The longer the spell is sustained the more devorced the target becomes from reality as actions continually have results he's not aware of.

What you were looking for: Directed Illusion, Mana, Sustained. This spell makes the target believe he's seeing whatever it is he's supposed to find. Cast it on a security guard and hold up a piece of paper, he'll assume it's the proper ID, even going so far as to swipe it and think the computer told him it's valid. If he's waiting for a specific person, he'll think you're that person. And so on.

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