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Full Version: Mob styles
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I think I have fairly grasped the way most megacorps stand on the 'magic vs cyber' matter, with Aztechnology being the most magically oriented of them all, and Wuxing coming second. (Not to say that they don't care about technology - they certainly do.)

I was wondering how the various mobs are placed on this matter. I expect the Triads to be the most magically active, while the Yakuza the most tecnologically active - that is, more technology than magic, let's say 70%-30%.

Is this supposition possible? How would you place the other mobs?
How would you color their magicians?
The Seoulpa is the most technologically active, and probably has very little keeping power for mages.

None of the mobs strike me as especially pro-magic. I'm sure they all use magic when they get it, but the question is keeping power. The Yakuza are run like a corporation, and we can expect they have access to corporate assets, so probably have the easy access to trained magicians. Triads have access to a large population, and offer a great opportunity for advancement, but I don't know the details of how the Triads operate.

Cosa Nostra I'm sure recognize the value of magic, but they also pride themselves on being traditional, and at least do lip service to Christianity, so I'm sure there are conflicts there, and they don't have the same access that anyone else does. Zory are less traditional, but pretty low-level, so they may not have the funds to take on and keep magicians, who are usually pricey, and they also don't have the respect and access to recruit like that.
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