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Full Version: Most memorable villins
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Large Mike

Everyone has encountered the mastermind behind the plan, the thug out to ruin your life, the toxic with anthrax and a twisted imagination, or the Johnson playing the mastermind against the thug and the toxic, for money. Let's hear 'em.

Most memorable villins (I wish there was a better word to describe what I mean, as SR has a very grey sense of morality).

Kyle! Mor-gan! Kyle! Mor-gan!
And sidekick western dragon Perianwyr, of course.

Damn, I just read some days ago on this board that Kyle was dead frown.gif.
RIP you sharpshootin', wimmen-nappin' bastard, we'll miss ya!
Well, there was the one mean slitch that couldn't spell the word villains... a real nasty bugger....wink.gif
Kanada Ten
I believe the word you wanted was "Nemesis."

Anyway, I find that the player characters are often their own (if not only) worst enemy.

I suppose my first team would say TARGET!, but I don't know.

My current team would say Green Lucifer!, but then again... they don't really know wink.gif
My old group would hands down say the sicko mad scientist that I made up and have long since forgoton his name.

It all started with kids getting kidnaped, they were hired to find one, what they found was some sick freak butching kids 8-16 and making frankenstien style monsters by combinding thier parts with animal part (dr monro anyone?) well
they handed him over and rescued the kid

Several sessions later the trideo reports a bunch of missing kids and the runners take it on themselves to find out whats going on (strange cus i had intended it to be a blup and not that weeks adventure) they find the same guy up to his old tricks and in a climatic battle the building blows up.

Again way down the road they find a child who is part bug part human all mutated and deformed. They take it appon themselves to make sure hes dead this time. So the doc got beheaded and is no more.
Large Mike

For the record, I assumed that since Americans have taken letters out of just about every word you can take letters out of, that they'd done the same to villain. Pardon me for attempting to cater to an audience that is at least half american. Stupid americans.
I guess the most memorable group of "Villians", was a small Gov. funded group of Metahuman-research Doctors, operating out of Kochi, Japan. They were started back in '22, after Goblinization, and were taking Meta babies away from their parents to exploit for Chemical and Biological research. Everyone looked the other way because it is Nippon, and they were Meta's. My Troll-Samurai had a run in with them in his Bio, so my GM decided to use them for the basis for a run. Anyone who experiments on children with Biotoxins is an Evil SOB who deserves to be boiled in Acid. I think the most Evil villians are those who aren't obvious, the ones who justify their actions for the greater good, IE, any anti-race Policlub, Government, or Corp, or those military research peeps... I am so prejudice against Racists...
Kat Akmura (in Dark Angel)
Kyle Morgan (as DogSoup said above)
"The Foul One", Calumet Toxic Swamp (Bug City)
Austere Emancipator
My group's worst and only nemesis is a physad whose partner, unborn child and most friends were killed in a car bombing by their characters. Since then, she has built up a significant criminal network with one central purpose: destroy the lives of the members of the group.

She already framed the group for killing their Johnson, seriously screwing with their reps, sicced several gangs on them, and is currently gathering her strength (following the group's failed attempt to bomb her too) to do far nastier things.

She's got the Distinctive Style flaw: Ritual scarring and tattoos from head to toes. She's slightly psychotic. But who can blame her?
Mr. Johnson. Nuff said.

The Abstruse One
Fresno Bob
For the love of god, please don't give Large Mike any ideas.
Ah, yes. There was Mr. Nibbles-- the fully chromed out, psychotic street sam who ambushed the runners as they entered a stuffer shack (it was Christmas-TM time, there were Salvation Liberation Army, Inc. carollers nervously singing/crying--because they were being used as meat-shields by Mr. Nibbles. Yes, I love the Long Kiss Goodnight). He would have lasted longer and become a recurring NPC o'doom, had the rigger not had an autocannon in a pop-up turret on his van.....

Oh, I should point out that Mr. Nibbles did have a dikoted cyber-jaw as part of his cyber-skull.
John Campbell
I think the word you really want is "antagonist".

Our most memorable antagonists have to be the Night Hunters. Most everyone else we've gone up against, it's been just biz... I could have just as easily been on the other side if they'd been the ones paying us. The Night Hunters were the only ones that succeeded in annoying me personally to the point that I started awarding them blood eagles.
There was also Harold, of Harold's Haunted House. Imagine a creepy old warehouse which is equal parts kiddie attraction, snuff film, and 17th century surgical/dissection theater. We spent much too much time in that place, and eventually got blackmailed into organ-legging and worse for the H man. The only thing worse than an adversary who justifies his horrors is one who laughs maniacally about them,,,

Namer18 designed that one, which tells you more about him that about the rest of the group....
The torturer in the Harlequin adventure. It took us a while to find him and extract our pound of flesh from him.
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