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Full Version: Cyberarm Gyromounts and Partial Limbs
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Can you install a Cyberarm Gyromount in a Lower Arm Cyberlimb? The description says the weights pop out of the wrist, so I'm assuming you can.

Follow-up: If you are shooting a Pistol, Machine Pistol, or SMG with a Lower Arm Cyber limb, does it use the cyberlimb's attributes? Your overall attributes? The average? Other?

Mostly just wondering if I can get 6 recoil comp using only the base book.
Note that the description describes weights that deploy 'from the wrist'. The way I read it, the gyromount is simply a matter of capacity. If it will fit, you're golden, and at Capacity 4 you could get it in a Synthetic Lower-Arm Cyberlimb without trouble.

As for your followup, I've been playing that single-handed weapons like the ones you list can be fired using just the Lower Arm Cyberlimb's stats. There is certainly room for interpretation on this one (the upper arm is going to have to get the lower arm into the general area) so chat with your GM before you get out the hacksaw.
The Rules for My Groups :
single Hand Firearms (Pistols,Autopistols SMGs) use the Lower Arm Cyberlimb STR
Two-handed Weapons (Assault Rifles,Rifles) use the average of both Arms
If a Troll uses an Assault Rifle 1 Handed it's the average of that Arm

with an averaged Dance
Saint Sithney
Holding a gun steady involves both of your hands unless you want to split your dice pool. And it's not just your hands that have to remain steady. It's your whole arm to the shoulder. You can have unbelievable articulation in your hands and fingers, but if you can't keep your arm steady, I don't know.

But then again, I'm thinking about a mans arm shooting a dumb gun. A smartlinked gun with a wicked cybernetic hand, I guess that could compensate for any tremors or shaking so long as your brain can communicate with the system to tell it what you want to hit. And, since it'd be harder to compensate with the shake from both arms, it would make perfect sense to average them.
Wether or not the Cyber-Arm-Gyromount can be built into Fore-Arm/Hand is a bit of a point of contention still it seems.
There has been, to my knowledge, no general consensus on this as of just yet.

Furthermore, if you do some shooting with one arm only, you use that one arms stats only too. So for a pistol for example, cyber-arm agility for the skill+attribute and the arms strength for recoil compensation. Mind you, the complete limbs stats, if i am not mistaken. So even if you have a Strength 12 Cyber-Hand, you are not getting Recoil Points from that, if the rewst of the Arm and Body the hand has been attached to are below 6 STR.
s soon as you use one meat and one metal arm, the attributes get averaged.
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