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Full Version: Unusual Cyberlimbs
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Spider Legs. Discuss.
Discuss what? You've given us three words, and one of them is Discuss!
Tiny Deev
Spiders are icky!
Need Surge For

(If You only toss in the word"Discuss",than I'll throw back some words
If You'd be asking a complete Question,I'd be answering in a complete Post
And Remember: I'm the one who's not fluent in English ! wink.gif smile.gif )

Cybered Centaur. End of Dicsussion.
BINKY grinbig.gif

Crusher Bob
I have six. They are prehensile. wink.gif
....oO( and If he has 1 Pussy,he's an Octopussy) biggrin.gif

with a submarine Dance
Ask part of a stupid question, get part of a lot of stupid answers.

Oh, and, uh, Binky rulz...
Aaah, it's nice to see that Binky has made an Impact ^^
Binky will be forever in my Memory,causing Nightmares

with a shivering Dance
that's how i intended it to be ^^

Give BINKY spider legs. Leave the back two without the skimmer discs for a nasty mule kick.
Tiny Deev
Okay, as this thread is leading nowhere, and I was initially pretty interested although icky-ed out, I'll HIJACK it.

So, Spider-legs right. Tell me more about them. The cybered version of spider-legs, I mean. Is there such a thing? If not, what would the essence loss be? What does it do? Discuss!

Oh, and leave Binky by the door.
You can make everything into spider-legs.
There's this GECKO-Stuff.
Spider-Legs. 2 of them. Cost 2 Essence and Money for usual Cyber-Legs.
Then get Case-Mod to mak them look like spider-Legs. Get that Gecko-Stuff.
You are done.

There are no rules for more than 2 Legs on Humans, there are no Rules for more than 4 legs on Centaurs. THere are not rules AT ALL for more Limbs gained by use of Cyberware, only for Surge. And no real rules on replacing the gained limbs with cyber either. Just something cobbled up by Players, namely using the rules that were intended for 2 Arms and 2 Legs and never more and applying them to people with 4 or 6 Arms. And then Applying them to People with 4 Legs.
If this were to be changed, you would open up the door for things like cyber-tentacles like Dr.Ock from Spiderman uses. Or worse, like they are used in Hentai.
Also, Binky is interested in this. Cyberware is his hobby. Maybe some day he does not want to be the Equine Hover-Tank anymore.
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Oct 27 2009, 11:09 AM) *
Maybe some day he does not want to be the Equine Hover-Tank anymore.

Equine hover-spider? wobble.gif
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