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Full Version: Elves. Love 'em or Hate 'em?
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Okay. So on Sunday, was able to PC during a live session of Shadowrun in North New Jersey. Didn't have chance to roll a character, so I played a character who I had killed in a different game. This character was a elven face with Wired Reflexes level 3, and skilled with the sniper rifle and a mono whip. The character was made entirely from the BBB.

We start playing the game. The run consisted of hijacking a truck shipment in the middle of "Spike" territory. So right away, for no reason the other PC's started housing the elven character. For some reason they did not like him. It's funny, because I didn't play him as an elite snob as I usually do. The group was planning on talking to the Spikes before the shipment arrived, to try and negotiate a deal with them so they wouldn't attack us while we hijack the truck. Yes, it's a bad idea for a high life styled elf to try and deal with a bunch of Troll gangers, but dammit the players started making fun of the elf for even the thought nyahnyah.gif.

Now to the point. Elves seems like the most polarizing race in Shadowrun. You either love them a lot, or hate them a lot. In the past Elves have been associated with Gary Stu or Mary Sue, often being an 'idealized race' with really no point or distinguishing character flaws. They are 'perfect' or 'idealistic' in some way, which often makes the stereotypical elf one-dimensional in my opinion. "Perfect" characters are not interesting in my opinion.

As a former HOMER of Elves, I am beginning to come with the gripes that elves aren't as "Cool" as I thought they were. Honestly, the past few PC sessions I have been playing, I have made all elves. They have not been fun characters to play. In future, I am planning on trying a dwarf and a ork with human elements to them, and see how that goes.

I want to get a general consensus. Want to form a survey or a research study on this topic.

Elves. Do you love them, hate them, or apathetic? And if so, why? What are your feelings and opinions on Shadowrun elves?
Ah. Double post. Please delete this thread and use the other one for replies.
Elves are known to be manipulative. They tend to be pretty and people idolize them because of this. That's why you had a bunch of elf posers running amuck. And then people learned that there may be immortal elves running around, well, that's just going to up the mistrust a bit. Conspiracy nuts would go crazy. And rightfully so.

Edit: Oops, my bad. Didn't notice the other thread till it was too late. Reposting there.
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