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Full Version: real life bust-a-move drone?
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Night Jackal
Hmm they even mention modding it with claws....well not them doing but someone else. Struck me as funny.
yea, the page has a good sense of humor, without being assholes like engadget...
Sorry, I've seen much better jumps. I hope everyone has seen Big Dog by now.
heh, they have improved on that:
Oh yes, I didn't post that one only because they haven't shown it jumping yet smile.gif Wonder if they have had any success, at least jumping on the site.

EDIT: Actually, I don't really think it's an improvement... they are two separate products. Bid Dog should be used to carry around stuff for the military during operations. A two-legged drone would be able to carry a much lighter weight, so it's not an improvement on that purpose.
well its a improvement in the walking department, as it can handle being unbalanced in a two legged move, vs 4 legs as the big dog has...

either is mostly tech demos, with the big dogs gear carrying possibility mostly a pr sell to DARPA and other investors...
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