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Full Version: GM needs help makeing his first node
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Lok1 :)
If you haven't noticed by my sudden rash of posts latly I'm currently working on makeing my first run as a GM for SR4A. Right now my run is almost finished exepet for the matrix securty for their target, a streetdoc working for the Vory V Zakon.
Right now he's working out of a motel that the russians use as one of their bases of operations, protecting it useing with some of their men as well as paying off a local gang with wepons to make sure no one goes snooping about. My quistion is how to go about building the node, the motel would have a sweatshop in the basement as well as houseing quite a few of the gangsters and a small group of hackers working for them. I suspect that they would use one of the hackers to act as a securty spider as well as haveing some basic matrix securty. (Some black ice, multiple nodes, that kind of stuff).
Any advice you could offer would be good as well as clerifying something for me:
One of the ways the players can find the place is from a securty camera set up in a location that the russians don't want anyone pokeing around. (A warehouse that untill up to a week ago was the street docs base of operations) the securty cam is giveing a live feed back to the motel and if they see anyone looking their they'll send a team to check it out.
As I understand the rules if they PCs detect the flow from the camera they can use the track action to find the location of the motel, could they also use it to hack into the node that the camera connects to? Could they find the Access ID of the user/agent that runs the camera to spoof it, if so how? Also are all the nodes connected, how dose one handle crossing from one node to the other?
Any help would rock.
You could start with the Choson Lair detailed on p78 Unwired and perhaps staff it with one of the security spiders listed on p69 of the same volume.
The Jake
You do realise you don't "have to" create a node per se... ?

- J.
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