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Full Version: Writer's Block in Ghost Cartels...
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My players have just started Ghost Cartels. We've ran Strangers in our House parts 1 and 2 and I'd like to run one more mission before going on to Body Snatchers...something so my characters can really get the idea that Tempo is making a big splash and causing major problems.

My characters have a lot of contacts with the Crimson Crush so they've done plenty to help push back against the First Nations already, so I'd like something new to run for them but I'm having a helluva time coming up with something new/interesting.

Anyone out there with any ideas?
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Yeah, I'll be running that one, and probably the other ideas at the end of the chapter.

So I've decided to run a side plot (based on an adventure seed in the GC Sourcebook) where a higher up in a corp (haven't written specifics yet) has a son who has become hopelessly addicted to Tempo and is living on the streets of Redmond. He's holed up in a "flip house" where he spends most of his time stoned on Tempo.
This corper finds out there is going to be a Lone Star/Fed raid on the flip house and wants the runners to get his son before the raid out to spare any public embarrassment.
The First Nations "own" the flip house and realize the importance of the kid and are planning on using him for blackmail purposes...

So now I just need to flesh the run out...

I'm thinking there will be two events. 1. The Runners locate the flip house and go in, leading to a confrontation with the first nations and a bunch of junkies (the first nations offer free hits of tempo to the junkies if they stop the PCs?)
2. The PCs track the kid down to a First Nations Safe House and have to extract him.

Anyone want to offer advice/tips on how to make this a more exciting adventure? Still seems a little 2 dimensional to me.

Thanks everyone!
Well if the runners know that the feds are going to hit the flip house then that's some incredibly valuable info. A truly brilliant runner could sell that info to the First nations and then extract the kid when the Flip house gets busy moving drugs and people about. You could try leading your players in that direction to see if they catch on?
I don't like to "lead" my characters at all.

I like to just give them the setup and let them do what they want.
Plus, my players are in pretty tight with some Crimson Crush members, so they'll probably take this as an opportunity to get some payback on the First Nations.
The Jake
QUOTE (SincereAgape @ Oct 30 2009, 02:19 PM) *
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I don't have my book infront of me. I like this idea but I'm not sold on why a Lone Star detective would hire the PCs.

I like this idea however as the PCs have a Lone Star DPI contact, but I'm still trying to figure out why they'd be called in.

- J.
The book has the PCs getting hired by the brother of one of the victims, not a lone star officer.

I like this idea and will probably run it, but it just seems too early in the campaign for it. Tempo is just now starting to trickle out of the nightclubs and into the streets.
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