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Full Version: underbarrel drones
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working on a weapon specialist (well in part anyway)

so i start modifying some guns, heres my question. say I mod an underbarrel weapon with a pilot, can it shoot independantly ? what modifiers are we talking here? or even for a weapon I don't have a skill for, like a flame thrower. can I hold it and let the drone brain fire it? just wondering if someones got some experience with this?
Wouldn't you still be the one doing the aiming, though? Pilot software is just an autopilot. The underbarrel drone would have to have some sort of flexible/turret weapon mount if it were going to do the aiming.

Not impossible, but tricky and expensive.

Although if you weren't too concerned with aiming, and you just wanted to throw some lead/napalm down the field...interesting idea.
my thoughts exactly, the best I could imagine, is if it was shooting the same target as you. then it would hold its shot until you passed the barrel through its desired firing arc. but this is conjecture, I was wondering what the rules support
This would be similar to sentry guns. Just use those rules.
Don't forget to buy a safety for your pals, then. It would be a pity to have them shot just because you happen to have your gun pointing at them.
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